What Time Do You Think We Have?

So I got a screen shot of the new schedule I’ve been working on. We started following it today and so far it works pretty well.

The girls played outside in the backyard first thing this morning while I put together some of their school work for later.

Once Payson got up we all went into the kitchen to bake some muffins.

And then while the kids ate breakfast I cleaned the counters.

And washed the dishes.

After breakfast Sierra cleaned up some blocks before heading into the school room.

We started with circle time. I brought out pillows for the kids to sit on but they all wanted to lay down instead. Sierra is crying in this picture because Brooklyn told her she couldn’t lay down.

Sierra was happy when I told her, “Sierra, Brooklyn is not in charge of you, if you want to lay down then of course you can lay down.”
I’ve blogged about what we do during circle before (right here, scroll down halfway). The unfinished poster board in the picture above is going to be like a circle time bulletin board. It’s not done but the girls begged me to do the calendar part so we did.

After that the girls got their pencil boxes and started working on their calendar pages and other worksheets. I got the idea to do calendar pages from here.

Payson was super excited when I gave him his very own pencil box with supplies.
Part way through her first worksheet Brooklyn got a timeout. Long story short she fights like crazy about doing any school work. It’s rather ridiculous. I always tell her she can go sit in her room until she’s ready to be polite and do her work again.

Today she started reading a book in timeout and wanted to stay in there for 20 minutes.

Sierra finished 10 of her kindergarten worksheets while Brooklyn was in timeout. She’s more than halfway done with her fourth workbook in three months. She loves worksheets!

Payson ended up coloring in his high chair for about ten seconds before whining to get down. I put his crayons and pencil away, of course, but he managed to find this marker in the garbage can πŸ˜›
(Luckily I spotted him with it before he got to the walls.)
Brooklyn randomly asked me to check her teeth for any that may be loose. She is really ansy to lose a tooth since most kids her age she knows have lost at least one by now.
I told her one of her bottom ones was a tiny bit loose and might loosen up more over the next few months.

She was so excited (even though I told her it still might be a year! lol) that she wrote a note to the tooth fairy to tell her about it.
The funny thing about that note is how she spelled “of” off. She asked me if “of” was spelled with one ‘f’ because she didn’t want to write “off.” I told her, “Yes, you’re right, ‘of’ is with one ‘f.'” But then she wrote “off” anyway. lol
(Geez, I need to take a refresher course in how to use quotation marks!)

Here she’s talking about how the tooth fairy will be excited that her tooth is getting loose.

After a bit of school work the kids had snack.

The blueberry muffins were gluten-free and really yummy. I got the recipe from here.

I finished folding the laundry.

While Sierra and Payson played with toys on the counter.
We did some other stuff, probably mostly school and then lunch. I didn’t take pictures so I don’t remember. lol

Then Brooklyn had quiet time while Payson and Sierra took naps.

I put my camera away for the afternoon. I pulled it out again around 4:30 to snap a picture of the kids playing with their legos.

When Allan came home we all went outside since it was so nice today. The high was only 96!!

I told Sierra her eyes were like mommy’s, the same color as storm clouds. She liked that πŸ™‚

Allan was weeding the yard the whole time. We went in shortly after I took this because the gnats were driving us all crazy. There were hundreds out. Blech.
We came inside and spent some time goofing around in the family room. Then we read scriptures. Then the kids ate dinner and we got them in bed and Allan and I ate frozen pizza while watching the last half of the Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers.

I thought it was funny when Sam was telling Frodo, “You’re not eating. You barely sleep. It’s taken ahold of you, Mr. Frodo.” I told Allan, “Hey! That’s me! I’m not eating, I barely sleep!” I looked wide eyed down at my huge stomach and said, “I must’ve swallowed the ring!”

Not so funny typed out, but made me and Allan laugh at the time.

6 thoughts on “What Time Do You Think We Have?

  • That's one crazy schedule you've got! I must say, I'm envious of how much your kids sleep. I think I gave birth to the energizer bunny! I get 9p to 6a and then about a 2 hr nap. πŸ™

    So cute about Brooklyn and Sierra wanting to lay down. Sisters can be so cruel.

  • I have two questions for you. One – when do YOU eat during the day. It seems like you're always doing something else during meal time. Are you just not hungry, or are you eating at other times? And two – do your kids not going totally bonkers not eating right away in the morning? It's the first thing my kids ask about when they wake up – “what's for breakfast? I'm soooooo hungry!” lol My kids would be driving me up the walls if we didn't do breakfast first thing in the morning.

  • Amber, I eat, it's just always “on the run.”
    Before 1pm I usually eat a hard boiled egg, yogurt and banana.

    Around 1pm I have a salad. And then at 3 I have a sandwich.

    I always sit down and eat with the kids at dinner. We like to talk during that time or I tell them stories.
    I get up five minutes before they're done and sweep and mop under the table.

    As for the kids being hungry first thing. Oh my gosh as they're leaving their room in the morning they're whining about being hungry!

    We used to eat breakfast first thing… literally within a few seconds of waking up but now I give them a granola bar before they head outside or a bowl with almonds and raisins or a chunk of cheese and a cup of milk. They eat those things outside. Sometimes they eat ALL those things before breakfast.
    And they still eat a HUGE breakfast.

  • What a fun day! πŸ™‚

    I am curious about your schedule. I've thought about implementing something similar (where each child has an individual hour-by-hour schedule). My concern was that it would be a little too structured and hard to keep track of. I would also need a different schedule for various days of the week depending on what activities/sports the kids had that day.

    So, with those concerns in mind, how is this schedule going for you? Have you used this type of schedule in the past? Any words of advice or wisdom?


    Melissa πŸ™‚

  • Great schedule – I admire you! I am going to create a shedule over the next couple of weeks so I can so we are doing first. Want to get a feel for how quickly we move along, how it is with a little one around, etc. Do you have different schedules for different days? Do you have any extracurricular activities to work in?

    So many questions… sorry!!! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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