2 Years Old and Already Addicted!

He’s 2 years old and completely addicted to football.
And dad doesn’t mind 😉

During bedtime Allan went to get Sierra a shirt to sleep in. He, of course, picked out her BYU football shirt. Allan came walking down the hall with the shirt in his hand. Payson noticed the shirt and started freaking out with joy over, “Seesee’s football shirt!!”
After that we decided to pull Payson’s shirt out of the closet. When Payson saw his shirt his eyes got huge and he grinned and he immediately started taking off the shirt he was wearing while happily screaming, “Payson’s shirt! Payson’s football shirt!”

He was so darn excited about wearing his shirt and Sierra wearing hers that Allan and I changed into our shirts and got Brooklyn hers. When all of us were standing there in our shirts I thought Payson might faint with excitement over the situation.

He was skipping around pointing to each person and saying, “Daddy’s football shirt, mommy’s football shirt, Brooklyn’s football shirt…”
It was SO cute.

We asked him if he wanted to watch football and the joy on his face was priceless.

Allan turned on a game from last year that we have saved on our DVR.

Anytime there were the announcers talking or a commercial Payson would beg Allan, “Football?? Football!?” Until Allan fast forwarded to the game again.

The 2010 season is just about to start. Next Saturday is the first game and every single person in this house is excited!

Oh yeah, gonna be a fun football season in our house 🙂

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