Barefoot, Pregnant, In the Kitchen

Yesterday Payson had his first baking-with-mommy experience.

He did what both my other girls have done at least once each, tasted baking soda.

Brooklyn and Sierra actually did all of the dumping and mixing. I was going to let Payson do some but he preferred eating a hard boiled egg and watching.

I like having a stand mixer when baking with little kids. It’s so easy to have it turned on low while the girls dump in ingredients.

Many chocolate chips were consumed.

And though I try not to let my kids eat raw eggs, I’ll admit I’m not good at keeping them away from raw cookie dough tastes.

I was going to bake gluten and dairy-free cookies so Payson could eat with us but I was out of shortening.
So I gave Payson some skittles as a treat, instead.

Would you think of me horribly if I told you the girls weren’t the only ones who tasted the dough? I had a spoonful, too :-S

But it wasn’t my fault. The dough was way too yummy >:-( lol

Oh and the recipe is here: Do not make these because you will eat them all.

I wanted to take a picture of the kids wearing their aprons (Payson wore Brooklyn’s and Brooklyn wore one of mine) and figured I’d hop in there as well.

The girls then peeled some hard boiled eggs to snack on while the cookies baked and I cleaned up.

Payson spent a few minutes laughing at mommy.

Brooklyn was waiting for Sierra to finish peeling her egg. Brooklyn’s egg cracked when she peeled it so she convinced Sierra to trade eggs with her. Sierra always goes along with whatever Brooklyn wants to do.

And 10 minutes later, enjoying what I thought were and Brooklyn claimed to be, “the best cookies in the world!”
(For the best texture ever let your butter soften for a long time. I put mine out at night and use it the next day when it’s creamy soft.)

I let Payson hold this box of macaroni and cheese because it had spongebob squarepants on it.
Payson has never watched that cartoon but he has some pajamas with Spongebob and is now obsessed. I sang him the theme song the first time I put the pajamas on him and every single time he sees anything with Spongebob now he’ll scream, “Spongebob!!” and sing the opening song, complete with nose playing.

Oh and you’ve noticed, since I’m blogging with pictures, that I haven’t sent my camera off yet. I’m dealing with the focus issue by manually focusing. I’m not very good at it and none of my pictures have been tack sharp like they were when my auto focused worked, but I hate the idea of being without an SLR for a couple weeks and I’m still nervous about sending it away. So for now, I’m just dealing with the difficult focus and eventually I’ll get the nerve to send my camera off.

Or will I?? *cry*

Oh and lastly since this post was all about the kitchen. Or was before I brought up my camera… and spongebob… I have a random question for you.
Do you put your dishes in the sink or on the counter by the sink?
I put my dishes in the sink, I can’t stand to have them on the counter!
Allan prefers them stacked on the counter.

9 thoughts on “Barefoot, Pregnant, In the Kitchen

  • I made choc. chip cookies WITHOUT my girls help for the first time in years this week. 🙁 They were both in school but I wanted them to have fresh homemade cookies when they got home from their first day. I like my butter soft too but I put it in the microwave for a few seconds.

    Do you plan to get your camera serviced before baby comes?! You are going to want those perfect baby shots! 🙂

  • Amanda said exactly what I was thinking about getting your camera fixed before the baby comes.

    About the dishes… I try to put them in the sink, but honestly, as long as they're somewhere near the sink (as in not still on the table, or on the floor… sigh) I can handle it.

  • You're both right, that's the biggest thing motivating me to send it off for repair.

    If my camera works like it does right now and doesn't get worse I don't have a problem with that. I can still get decent focus and all the other settings work fine. But if it got worse and stopped focusing altogether when I have a new baby I'd be heartbroken.

  • Looks like you all had a great time baking 🙂 Hoping your camera will either be fixed or working when your new baby gets here.

    I prefer dishes in the sink rather than the counter 🙂

  • Looks fun!

    I agree, make sure you are happy with your camera before your baby comes!

    Dishes – they go on the left hand of the sink only if not directly in the dishwasher. I can't stand them in my sink because it makes it hard to actually wash them then. Plus, for me – out of site out of mind.

  • In the sink… I hate seeing them stacked up on the counter! I hate it even worse when they are in the sink and water sits in them and gets gross. Ewww!

  • it is the exact same thing here! i like them out of sight, but milo likes them stacked on the counter ready to go into the dishwasher, bleh!! this seems more messy to me than to just have a clean counter…then take them from sink to dishwasher? at least counters are shiny clean?

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