Well Child Checks + McDonald’s Playplace

Brooklyn and Payson had doctor appointments today. Brooklyn’s 7 year checkup and Payson’s 2 year checkup. Payson was “supposed” to get his checkup two months ago but doing more than one appointment at a time is a better use of my time and gas money so I typically schedule as many together as I can.

In fact, today I talked to Payson’s doctor about vaccinations. With all the trauma of Payson’s newborn days (colic, reflux, allergies, eczema, etc) I delayed vaccinating him. When he turned two I figured I’d start playing catch up.

Being that I’m having the next baby so soon I figured it’d be even better to wait until she’s born and schedule Payson’s vaccination appointments at the same time as the new baby’s well baby checks! Not driving 35-40 minutes for only one appointment at a time? Brilliant, I think.
Of course dealing with two kids having vaccinations at the same time (and therefore being cranky) might not be the best plan after all.

Brooklyn and Payson did great at the doctor. Brooklyn weighs 48 pounds and is 48 inches tall and Payson is 27 pounds and 38 inches tall. Sierra also got weighed because she was feeling left out… she is 34 pounds.

We generally stop and get lunch after doctor and dentist appointments, so we did that today.

The kids played in the playplace for over an hour.

We’re all majorly missing the nice weather. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to go to the park again.

Though that’s not going to be soon… this week will be the hottest of the year, I think. Today was 112 and I felt like I was literally melting. My skin felt so awful and I felt like I could barely walk. Though I kinda always feel like that being 34 weeks pregnant (tomorrow).

The kids each drank a lot of water today.

I snapped this of Sierra looking at herself in the mirror. She was really proud of herself for using the hand dryer without being scared.

Payson doesn’t take after Sierra, he wasn’t even the tiniest bit scared of the hand dryer. In fact the entire time we were in the bathroom he had his hands up there in the hot air.
Which was crazy because I was sweating buckets and the last thing I would have done was let hot air blow on me.

4 thoughts on “Well Child Checks + McDonald’s Playplace

  • I cannot even *imagine* 112 degree weather… I think I would die, literally! I don't know how you do it! Brilliant doubling up the kids appointments, wish mine were closer in birthdates to do that.

  • I try to schedule as many appts together as I can too. And I've done more than 1 kid with shots before and it's not bad at all. The last time what I did was put Leah in the sling with her legs hanging out, and they did her shots like that. That way I just tucked her legs back in, then I could sit and console Graham for a few minutes before we left. She slept on the way home, and then he went down for a nap as soon as we got there, so it all worked out.

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