White Mountains Date

Friday night Allan’s parents came over to stay with the kids so that Allan and I could have an overnight trip to the white mountains.

It feels like forever since the last time we went away.

We spent the entire day driving around, looking around, walking a bit around the lakes and creeks, and basically relaxing.

I look pretty gross in these pictures because a) I’m fat b) I hadn’t showered c) I was having Braxton Hicks contractions literally the whole day really close together and it exhausted me. I was feeling yucky 🙁
The Braxton Hicks were from the long drive, especially the really bumpy roads… they really hurt my uterus!

BUT even feeling yucky from pregnancy, I had such a good time with Allan. I couldn’t believe how nice it was to be alone with him for a full day!! I’m so happy I’m married to him and that we are where we are in life/marriage.

And I’m pretty sure the white mountain area is my new favorite place to visit 🙂

We bought lift tickets… they weren’t very expensive. We’re going to take the kids here next summer. I think they’ll really love it.

This is the top of the mountain at the ski resort. We ate lunch up there before heading down.

I was starving by the time we sat down to eat around 7 or 8. The food at this restaurant (Charlie Clark’s I believe it was called) was so freaking good!! I can’t eat very much at one time since my stomach is so squished and it was horrible because I so wanted to eat more! lol

6 thoughts on “White Mountains Date

  • I'm so glad ya'll got to go out by yourselves. I am so looking forward to next summer when Eric and I will get to do that without any kids!!! And I think you look great in the pics!

  • You are so not fat! Having three children of my own, I know how you are feeling, but you look great and 'pregnant', not fat!! Just saying cause sometimes we need to hear it! Take care and can't wait to 'meet' your new little one.

  • I know this isn't your camera post but wasn't sure if you looked back at old posts or not! I had this same proble awhile ago. It was horrible! I called about sending it in (spendy) and finally called the store where we purchased it. I doubt your fix is the same as mine, but wanted to share in case it does help. It turns out it was my battery – ! They are only really good for a bit, even though it says you have half a battery left you don't. So I spent the $40 and got a new one, not believing it for a second. To my surprise it worked!!! I couldn't believe it! I hope you find and easy fix soon, I hate being without a camera!

    You've also motivated me to just take my camera everywhere. I'd stopped for awhile because I thought people looked at me like I was crazy. But I don't care anymore, so thank you for that!

  • Thanks Sarah, I'm hoping when I do get the nerve to send my camera off for the repair that it's something simple. Or if it's not that they are able to fix it and send it back to me fast. I'm so worried about being without a camera for longer than two weeks or so. I don't know how I'd survive without my only hobby!

    I'm glad you're taking your camera out again. I'm thinking I need to invest in a nice camera bag to protect mine while I'm out. I'm way too rough on cameras 🙁

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