4 Years Ago I Ran Errands and Took Pictures

Amanda suggested I could post some of my old “posed” pictures of my kids while my camera is not working. I think that’s a great idea so if I can’t get my camera to focus I’ll post some of my favorite pictures instead.

But I got a little sidetracked in my July 2006 pictures folder and just had to post some pictures from then first. lol

I get a lot of comments and questions about taking my camera everywhere I go. I never realized this was an odd thing. I’ve had a camera with me at all times for almost as long as I can remember! lol

I bought myself my very first camera when I was 14. It was a $20 film point and shoot camera. I kept it in my purse and snapped pictures of everything. I went through two rolls a week of film. I would’ve taken so many more pictures except that at that age all the money I had was earned from babysitting and it wasn’t a lot so I couldn’t afford to get more than a roll or two of film developed every week!

I bought a nicer point and shoot at 16 when I had a “real” job (at a restaurant) and then 6 months later I’d saved enough for my very first SLR. A film Canon Rebel! Oh was I excited. It went wherever I went 🙂

So for the past 13 years, everywhere I’ve gone a camera of some sort has been with me.

Back in 2006 I brought it with me on errands and did the same exact thing I do now… take pictures of my kids! ha
I took pictures at the grocery store.

I took pictures at the library.

I took pictures at the girls’ pediatrician’s office.

I took pictures at Sam’s Club.

I took pictures at the park.

And this picture wasn’t taken while out on an errand but I thought it was funny how it showed that even back then Brooklyn loved the camera. She has always absolutely loved having her picture taken. In this picture I let her use my camera remote to take some pictures of herself.

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