Too Cute

First thing in the morning (after breakfast) I give the girls their readers for the day. While they read I pull out our math materials at the table.

Today I was listening while Brooklyn read, as usual, when she asked me a question. I looked at her to respond and noticed this:
My gosh, how cute! They always sit closely together while reading but Sierra had her arm draped over Brooklyn this time and it was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

I sprinted waddled quickly to the kitchen for my camera so I could capture the moment forever 🙂

On a different, frustrating note, my camera and computer are both dying.
My camera only focuses manually anymore 🙁
That’s probably a lens issue more than a camera issue. My kit lens still focuses automatically.

My computer won’t work well if I have more than one program open at a time.

These are expensive pieces of equipment and very expensive to repair and it pisses me off. I just don’t have the money (or desire) to keep up with the purchases and repairs technology require. How does everyone else afford it??

8 thoughts on “Too Cute

  • I would try cleaning the contacts on your camera body and lens with an eraser, be extra careful not to get the rubber bits into the body. If that doesn't work see how much it will cost to get the lens serviced, might be cheaper than getting a new one.

  • That picture makes me teary eyed! I love that the book they're reading is called Best Friends! Sisters are always best friends! I have a feeling that picture will be on each of their nightstands when they're older.

    Good luck on the expensive equipment! I know just how you feel!

  • Audrey, unfortunately I have cleaned the contacts and it didn't help.

    I am definitely going to take the lens in and see if just a cleaning will help. Maybe that's all it needs since it DOES focus when I adjust it manually. Hopefully that's a fairly cheap fix!

    Misty, I didn't even think about that! That'd be so sweet if they had it framed when they're older.
    I think I might just print it out today for them for their rooms!

    And I didn't even notice the book was called Best Friends!! Awww.

  • I think my mom uses the Computer Doctor in Phoenix. Not sure if that's the name. I can check if you want. I know lots of people wouldn't recommend the Geek Squad at Best Buy, but I've always gone in late (like an hour before they close), and they always give me awesome service and do some stuff for free at that time of night. We've managed to keep our computer in decent shape for the last 6 years by having them do a tune-up about once a year. Doesn't cost too much, and it sounds like the problem you're having could be fixed by a tune-up.

  • I was going to jump in and say how cute it was that their book is called “Best Friends”, but a bunch of other people already said it! LOL Still…it's totally adorable.
    Is it your 50mm that's giving you problems? If so, I guess that's “good” news because it would be a lot less expensive to replace the lense than the whole camera…but I hear ya'. It's not an expense you wanted to have to deal with at all! 🙁 Hope you can get it cleaned or fixed in time for baby girl's arrival!!
    Did you use your kit lens to take the picture? I have no idea how to focus manually…never ever works out for me!

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