Bits of School, Belly, Light Rain

Language – We’re using First Language Lessons and I’ve really had a major love/hate relationship with it. I like it but it gets so boring. The first 80 pages are all about nouns! I suppose at the end of the book Brooklyn will be an expert at nouns, right? lol

Math – Oh math, how you torture Brooklyn. We’ve been using Horizons 1 and it’s clear that it’s not going to work for Brooklyn. We’ll be switching to Math Mammoth this month.

In the meantime I made a list of concepts to work with her on and we use the white board to do most of the learning.

Measurement –

I’m 33 weeks along now. 7 more weeks to go.

Everything for baby is purchased and ready to go. It’s freaking awesome knowing that for the next month and a half I get to sit back and just wait 🙂 Photobucket

Lastly, a couple pictures from yesterday of the kids out in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Bits of School, Belly, Light Rain

  • Looking great Mama!! So what stuff did you buy for this baby? I really thought I wouldn't need much of anything for baby #4, girl #3, but I did end up needing quite a bit. We had almost no clothes left. Our swing and bouncy seat had to be replaced. And we had to get a new carseat because our infant one had “expired”. We also just got another high chair because Graham is still using his – and we don't have anymore dining room chairs. We're gonna have to work on that!

  • Amber, I didn't need too too much, well, at least not the expensive stuff like a crib, swing and bouncy chair.

    I bought:
    clothes up to 6 months
    bulb syringe
    blankets (lots)
    boppy cover
    a teddy bear that plays womb sounds
    baby book
    and… that might be it!

    The only thing I just realized I might still buy is a breast pump. I don't know, though. It can be such a waste of money if baby refuses a bottle (Brooklyn did) so I think I'll just hold off on that.

    I was super tempted to buy a new swing, bumbo and bouncy chair is pretty pink colors. lol! Ok, not super tempted but wishful thinking. ha

  • Brooklyn and Mia would be best friends 🙂 Mia HATES math. lol! I'll be interested to see if Brooklyn likes the new curriculum better or not! So far Mia has NOT been happy with the one we use…but I think it is just math in general that she's not happy with! 😉

  • I hear you on the girly colors!!! I knew I needed to get a new carseat, and I had a friend selling hers and it was pink/black! Score! I wasn't committed to buying a new bouncy seat even though ours was shot, because I just didn't want to spend the money. But then that same friend was selling hers and it was pink/brown/birdies! Double Score! Then when our swing broke, when Leah was 4 months old, I bought the most beautiful girly swing I could find! LOL I kept our orange bumbo, and gender neutral (read: boyish if you ask me) exersaucer and jumperoo. I even used my boyish nursing cover for a few months until I finally bought a gorgeous ruffly one about a month ago. I did buy a new girly boppy cover though before she was born. That was a must since so many pics are taken propped up on that thing early on. Sounds like you are set! Now, Lord help me if I end up pregnant again, especially with a boy. LOL

  • Impressive that you are all ready for that little baby bundle 🙂 Enjoy these final weeks!!!

    We are about to start the First Language Lessons ina couple weeks… I hope it is not too horrible!!! So far my DD likes math, she thinks of it as a game – better than I was at math. (shh, but I loathe math) She must get it from my DH!

  • Amber, dang it, you just reminded me I still need to get a nursing cover!

    Liberty, funny about Holly loving math while you dislike it. My and Allan's favorite subject in school was… math!! lol!

    I always HATED history and geography in school and those are Brooklyn's favorite subjects!
    I like those subjects now, though.

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