Desert + Prickers + Toddler = Not My Best Idea

I went to the bank today with Payson while Allan took the girls to Bass Pro Shops.
While out I thought it might be cool to drive into the desert to take a picture of Payson with his elephant.

It was about 101 degrees when we stopped which isn’t totally unbearable. There were a LOT of prickers all over the ground. Not the actual super sharp, cactus kind. Just “fuzzy” little ones that don’t really hurt… they’re more like really scratchy.

Anyway, I walked through the area checking for bugs, scorpions or snakes and there wasn’t even a hint of life anywhere so I brought Payson out and set him down for a picture.

He immediately dropped elephant so that he could bend over and pick up something. Elephant got covered in those tiny prickers. Covered!

I tossed elephant in the car with Payson’s shoes and shorts which had got prickers on them.
I took this one of him and me…
And then headed home.
I stopped in our driveway and picked off, by hand, all of the prickers from elephant. I was not happy doing that and cursing myself for bringing the stupid elephant out into the desert.

Payson was not happy about not being able to hold elephant even though I told him elephant was dirty and showed him and let him feel the prickers. He just didn’t care. He wanted elephant.

After picking the seemingly thousands of prickers off elephant I tossed it into the washing machine and told Payson elephant was taking a bath. When I lifted him up to see elephant being covered with water in there he laughed and thought it was the funniest thing ever.
I learned my lesson, I think I’ll wait until October to do any more desert photo shoots 😛

One thought on “Desert + Prickers + Toddler = Not My Best Idea

  • Those fuzzy pricker things are the worst to get out of stuff! I've had the unfortunate pleasure of that too. They even stick to the bottom of your shoes!

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