Should Never Have Stabbed Holes in Her Ears

So about those earrings!

I meant to post about how Brooklyn is wearing earrings again but just haven’t gotten around to it. Someone asked in the comments a while ago.
When we took her earrings out last month because her ears were infected she was thrilled.
Thrilled until that night, a half hour after bedtime or so, when she started crying and screaming for me from her bed.

I went in and she was insistent that we put her earrings back in and right now.
Well, first of all I don’t do anything right now when it’s after bedtime (haha) and second of all putting them back in would be a bit of a process (with me having to calm her down enough to actually put the earrings in) so I said we’ll put them in when you wake up.

She freaked about that (she has no patience and certainly doesn’t like being told that whatever it was she was expecting to happen isn’t going to happen) but eventually went to sleep.
The next morning I asked her if she was sure she wanted her earrings back in because I really didn’t want to stand there and attempt to put the earrings in with her leaning away, turning away, jumping away and screaming the whole time. Which is what we went through every single stinking day when it was time to clean her ears the first two months after getting them pierced!

She actually stayed calm and let me put the earrings back in! I had sterilized the earrings first and I had cleaned out her ears with that solution from Claire’s.
I hoped her ears wouldn’t get infected again.

Turns out, they didn’t! They healed right up really fast and have been totally fine ever since! Crazy, huh?
If I went back in time I’d not pierce her ears again. I’d wait until she was older and could take care of them herself.
But as of now, the earrings thing isn’t so bad. Thankfully.

And they are really cute 🙂

5 thoughts on “Should Never Have Stabbed Holes in Her Ears

  • My ears got infected a lot right after I got mine pierced and it was because I was allergic to the metal. I could only wear 14 carat gold or so one for the longest time not the gold plated nickle earrings. I grew out of it and/or got used to it as I got older, but that could be a factor? Just a suggestion!!

  • Aww! My girls got their ears pierced as babies… so we've never had a problem. Atalie is 4 months and I would have done them months ago and haven't. I need to hurry because it's a better healing process when they're not old enough to play with them. I love how Brooklyn looks with them!

  • So glad Brooklyn's ears are better! Where did you get the little pink pearl earrings? My daughter would love a pair like those! They are adorable, and so is Brooklyn!

  • The EXACT same thing happened with Holly. They became infected, even with cleaning, I had to remove them and then she freaked about replacing them. So, I kept them out for a couple of weeks. Then she asked for them, but panicked about it. Finally I got them back in. Now, she will NOT take this pair out to save her life… so in they stay 🙂 Looking back, I too would wait. Learning lesson on my part I guess.

    Brooklyn is beautiful!!!

  • My daughter wouldn't get her ears pierced until she was 13. I'd ask, and she'd freak out – until finally, on her 13th birthday she asked to do it, and we got it done. We used the cleaning solution from the place, but, I also put a little coating of bacitracin ointment on the back and front of her lobes – really helped with the healing.

    I love her little pink pearls – so ladylike and dainty!

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