4 thoughts on “4 Pics of 3 Kids

  • Jen, I have made a blog book before. I didn't like the way it turned out (through blurb) but I've been meaning to make another one ever since.

    Have you made blog books? If so, any advice? lol

  • Hehe….that was my roundabout way of asking for your advice! 🙂 I was recently referred to Blog2Print to do one, and I'm thinking about trying it. My blog has all my photos, and since I've given up on scrapbooking, I thought it would be the best way to document our family memories. I'm thinking of giving it a try….

  • haha, well, no advice from me.
    The book I ordered was alright but the way they randomly placed pictures on each page bugged the crap out of me. lol

    For instance they may have used this post for a full page layout and had the picture in this post take up an entire page in the book and then the next page would have teeny tiny picture (and I mean TINY, like an inch tall!) of some really cute pictures that I'd have preferred to be full page layouts! It was frustrating having no control.

    You CAN change the pages and layouts but it was super time consuming and really you might as well do one from scratch at that point!

    Which is a bummer 🙁

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