32 Weeks

I got to drag my big old self to the doctor’s office for another checkup today.
My doctor wants me to start taking double that dose of iron that was prescribed last week. 650mg a day!! I’ve been taking fiber three times a day along with the iron so should I take fiber 6 times a day now? lol!

Those sticker books I bought at Costco were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m truly shocked at how long they keep my kids entertained.

I handed my camera off to Brooklyn because I so wanted to get a picture of Payson sitting on my lap on the exam table. He hates it when I sit up there. He cries and whimpers, “Mama?? Mama!??” As if the nurse using the doppler on my belly is trying to kill me. lol
(Poor Sierra has a cold and feels like crap, I was even debating cancelling this appointment to keep her home but that would make THREE last minute cancellations for OB appointments this pregnancy because of sickness and that seemed extreme to me. She’s not coughing and doesn’t have a runny nose so as long as she didn’t touch anything I felt ok about bringing her out… well, not really ok about it but better about that than missing another appointment!)

So because Payson hates when I’m on the table, I let him sit with me when they’re not measuring me or listening to baby’s heartbeat and today he pulled up his shirt when the doctor came in and he had the hugest grin, like he knew what was going on and he was ready for his belly to be measured, too. lol

And when he noticed that I pulled my shirt up too? He was so beyond happy. He pointed at my belly and smiled and then looked down at his own belly and smiled bigger. My gosh he’s cute!!
(Sierra showed her belly, too. It’s just not shown in the picture. lol)

I tried to get some belly shots courtesy of Brooklyn when we got home but none of them turned out. They were all blurry and most of them didn’t even have my belly in the frame. lol

And then I remembered I wanted to do silhouette shots during this pregnancy. Problem is, silhouette shots are super hard!!

I might have Allan help me out this weekend with them. Speaking of Allan helping me out with pictures, I’m trying to figure out if I want to go somewhere and attempt some nice maternity shots. Allan would take them, of course. If I do them when should I? Now? When I’m closer to full term? I don’t know… I’m getting freaking huge so I can’t imagine any when I’m near due will be attractive at all 😛
So yeah, summary…
sick Sierra
big-bellied mama
siblings with sticker books
blurry belly shots

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