I Am Not Alone

She makes her presence known. Oh does she make her presence known.
She is the calmest baby in the womb. She does her streches and kicks a bit but she is mostly calm and mellow and gentle. If this is any indication of her personality I am going to be one lucky mama come October.

But my body. I feel my body is more hers than mine right now.

Anything good has gone to baby and there is nothing left for me to use.

The smallest of tasks seem like mountains to climb.

Get out of bed? I’d rather not.
Get dressed? T-shirt and underwear are clothes enough.
Makeup? ha, that’s a good one.
Bathing? Only because the hot water relaxes my very achy body.
Eating? Why?
School work with the kids? Just plain old worksheets and book reading, no above and beyond happening around here.
Attention for my husband? Sorely lacking.

Desire to do anything at all besides lay on the couch? Nope. Just nope.

32 Weeks.

8 more weeks? How will I?

3 thoughts on “I Am Not Alone

  • Girl, you are superwoman! You are a MOM who is highly involved and extremely dedicated to ALL of her children! I know it's hard to give yourself some credit, but you deserve it! 🙂 & you're just beautiful…your skin just glows!

  • Enjoy it -before you know it she'll be here and you'll miss those baby stretches and kicks and the fact that you'll never be that (physically) close again.

  • You can do it! Let me tell you – I read your blog posts, and am actually jealous of all that you do with your children. I know I did a lot with my children when they were little, but, when they were school age – they went off to school. You're super organized with homeschooling, and you still do fun things with them, too.
    As for the tired part – I only had 3 children, but, I still remember how exhausted I was at the end of my 3rd pregnancy. I couldn't sleep – he was huge, and pressing on every single part of me that caused pain when I walked. We were cooped up in the house since it was winter and there was so much snow and ice. I would cry at every appointment my last few weeks begging the doctor to induce me. Thankfully, I went into labor on my own 15 days early – he was 9lbs 12oz.

    You can do it!

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