Silly Children at Costco

I love that Costco has carts with two seats for kids to sit in. Sierra loves it, too.

As I was walking through the store I noticed Sierra doing this to Payson…

It looked so goofy and Payson didn’t seem to mind at all and there were several people around me laughing at them. Such a funny moment.

I gave Payson one of his cookies today and he broke a little part of it off and instead of eating it he started screaming and trying to put it back together. He does that every time a food he is eating breaks apart. Screams and holds it out towards me as if I can put it back together. Weirdo!

4 thoughts on “Silly Children at Costco

  • HAHA! My toddler does the same sometimes. She hands me the food and says “broken, broken”! Love that picture of the two of them. So adorable.

  • We went to Costco yesterday, too. I only took the older two of my bunch and forgot the camera at home :(. Cute pics of Sierra and Payson.

  • That is so sweet! I love how toddler's think you can fix that stuff, frusterating and cute at the same time. 🙂

    I have been wondering, and forgetting to ask. Does your family go swimming a lot in the summer or not so much? I've always wondered if there was that kind of heat where we lived if we'd stay inside or head to the pool!

  • Sarah, we don't go swimming all that much, no.

    Mostly because Brooklyn burns SO easily that I absolutely have to reapply sunscreen so often on her. It's a major pain in the butt so I just skip it and stay inside! lol

    We do use our baby pool and slip n' slide a lot, though!

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