She Works Hard for the Money

Wanna see something horrifying?

I know!

You know the sad part is that the night before last my entire kitchen was spotless.
Yes, it really was.
You know I spend lots of hours every day cleaning my house.
Lots of hours. Lots and lots of them.

I feel like it’s this giant cycle of cleaning. I clean something, it gets messy. I clean it, it gets messy again.

Push that glorious (no, not glorious at all actually) repeat button and we have the life of a mom summed up quite nicely, don’t we?

While the kids ate I cleaned the kitchen. I do that a lot. They nourish themselves (there I go messing it up again, I nourish them, they sit on their butt stuffing their faces) and I starve because if I don’t spend that time cleaning while Payson is strapped into a chair I don’t get it done without that said Payson destroying my progress.

It’s not that bad, though. I typically grab bites of a banana as I rush pass the counter or shovel down some yogurt while checking my email while holding Payson during the two minutes the girls are quiet doing their school worksheets.

And that’s basically my food intake for the day.

I didn’t start off this post talking about food, why am I talking about food?

I cleaned while the kids ate dinner.

Oh wait, before I cleaned I read them two chapters out of this book:

And I know this is off subject again but Payson sat with us at the table tonight. He’s been begging and insisting that he joins us at the table so I went ahead and set up the booster chair.
He loved it.
So while the kids finished eating I got busy in the kitchen.

That sounds a bit perverted, but no, no funny stuff happening during dinner in this house, just cleaning.
I managed to clean all the counters, do two dish drainers-full worth of dishes by hand and another load in the dishwasher and, not shown, I started another load of laundry and folded and put away the load I’d done earlier in the day.
While the kids sat eating.

So, yes, I work hard for the money.

Er, well, I work hard and get no money, but oh well.

4 thoughts on “She Works Hard for the Money

  • Your kitchen looks a lot like mine. We have the same countertops and same color cabinets. Your kitchen looks a lot cleaner than mine right now though! I hate the vicious cycle!

  • I could totally do this exact same post on my kitchen! Whats worse is you should see the floors. I sweep and then they're stuff all over the ground. I mop and then they spills stuff 5 minutes later! It's like a magnet!

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