Not Very Effective Blood

Thank you for all the comments and birthday wishes for Brooklyn.
Leading up to her birthday I was wondering if she’d be disappointed since I hadn’t planned anything.
That it was all so low key was really nice for me but I was worried she’d think her birthday was lame. She was happy, though.

I’m really tired today because I stayed up until midnight cleaning up some stuff. I’ve been desperate to get everything in my house organized to make things easier for me.

I got a call from my OB’s office saying that my doctor wrote me a prescription for iron that I should start taking right away.

That didn’t surprise me since I’ve been severely anemic with every pregnancy. What did surprise me was the amount of iron I’m now supposed to take every day. 325mg! In my other three pregnancies I took 27mg twice a day. So when I saw that 325 I called my doctor’s office to double check that that was the right amount.

It is… my body is basically shutting down from lack of iron and I so feel it. I feel less guilty about just how tired and weak I’ve been these last couple months!
Yes, I’ve felt extremely guilty about being tired and weak!

Anyway, I spent my morning finishing up the last of the organizing needing to be done. My and Allan’s bedroom closet is where we store 90% of our stuff since storing it in the kids’ rooms isn’t an option since they get into it and storing it in the garage isn’t an option because I’m majorly phobic of scorpions getting into it all.

I’m so happy that I finished organizing. I clean every day and even when the rest of the house is spotless, knowing that closet was super unorganized was driving me nuts. lol

My gosh I feel so tired right now I’m positive I could fall asleep and remain that way for 14 or more hours. *yaaaawwwnn*

I want to finish this post but Payson is being really whiny and clingy right now. My brain feels so scattered! Yikes.

I’m just going to stop talking and post some pictures.
~Organized Closet~

~Caring Mommy~

~Sweet Mommy~

~Not to Be Left Out~

3 thoughts on “Not Very Effective Blood

  • I too suffer from anemia…and it sucks! I actually just had to have a blood transfusion due to my hemoglobin dropping down so low. I know exactly how you feel about feeling guilty about being so tired and fatigue. Hoping that the iron starts doing its job soon šŸ™‚
    p.s. sorry for all the random comments here lately, it's just that I have been in this hospital for a MONTH now battling this Crohn's disease and my computer is about my only source of entertainment at times…so I get to read tons of blogs. lol. just didn't want you to think I was some crazy stalker.

  • Thank you SO much for that sweet-sweet comment! I guess I just never see myself as always being strong while dealing with illness, because I always seem to feel weak most of the time…some days it takes everything in me just to get through the day! …and I begin to feel SO guilty.

    & it does seem like we share the same hatred towards needles! My PICC line actually ended up getting completely pulled out of my arm by accident tonight and my nurse finally had to come in and put an IV in my arm and it hurts…it's in a really bad spot. The incident happened this evening after it was too late to get a new PICC, so I guess I will get another one tomorrow. I hate thinking about the procedure BUT it sure does beat having this aggravating needle hanging out in my arm. It's so uncomfortable!

    The contrast kind of taste like sulfer (ekk!) …the kind that i had did atleast. I would prefer Pepto over ot any day…lol.

    and yes, I have to admit that the lady can be kind of entertaining at times; she really does put on a show up here! She definitely gives the nurses a run for their money! lol.

    I'm so glad to know that you don't think of me as a stalker. ha! I bet you have a crazy story behind whoever it was that stole your pictures and tried to come off as you. Thankfully, I have not had that happen to me…yet. BUT I am a fairly new blogger.

    anyway…sorry this was so long. and thanks again for the comment. It really was very encouraging! šŸ™‚


  • I hope the iron helps you feel better soon, Ariana! I never would have guessed you were struggling with anemia with how much you get done, and do for and with your kids. I've dealt with anemia in the past, so knowing you are struggling with it on top of being pregnant…I feel for ya. Feel better.

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