Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Today is Brooklyn’s birthday! I can’t believe that I have a 7 year old now!

Brooklyn had definite preferences for her birthday this year. She was insistent that we celebrate on her real birthday and not on the weekend nearest it. I told her not only could grandma and grandpa not come today but daddy wouldn’t be able to make it home either since he is working late this week.
She said that would be ok because this weekend they can sing to her and she’ll save some of her birthday cake for them. lol!

She just really, really wanted to celebrate on her “real birthday!”

So this morning she got calls from her grandma and her aunt who both sang her happy birthday. She also got to open a card she got from her great-grandma. She was honestly touched by the sweet things her great-grandma wrote her. She listened to me read the card, then she read it to herself and then she read it to Sierra. It was so cute!!

In the card was $5 which Brooklyn kept saying was “so so sweet of grandma” to send to her.
Brooklyn begged and begged me to take her to the dollar store to spend her money since she could get four things with $5!!

My Mazda5 was at the dealership getting a repair (because Mazda5 = not good for dirt roads in the mountains) so I had Allan’s corolla to take the kids out in.

Boy was it cramped!

Brooklyn was majorly excited about that $5.

I was so surprised at the dollar store when Brooklyn, without a word from me, decided that the toys were really cheap and crummy and decided not to get anything! She told me she’d save her money for later when she found something else she liked.

On the way home I picked up some happy meals because that’s a birthday tradition. My kids really love happy meals.
Does any child out there not like happy meals?

I asked Brooklyn if she was sure she wanted to do her birthday with just me and Sierra (I put Payson to bed for a nap) and she said yeah she was sure. She loooooves me and Sierra and we’d have fun. lol.
So we started the birthday festivities.

I let Brooklyn pick out the cake and frosting (of course) at the store and she knew right away what she wanted and nothing was going to change her mind (not that I tried, it’s her birthday!)
She wanted a white cake with dark chocolate frosting and heart sprinkles. The sprinkles looked like Valentine’s sprinkles… I felt a little sad that her cake would look so unbirthdayish but I didn’t make a peep, just smiled and said it would taste good!

I did decide to add a little bit of blue frosting in the corner as water and put some My Little Pony mermaids on top. hehe

Even though I’m not even a little bit of a good cake decorator she absolutely loved her cake πŸ™‚

She had already opened her presents last month but I did get her two My Little Ponies since when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday that’s what she said! This is the 3rd birthday she’s asked for ponies!

I didn’t take pictures of the cake eating except for these two of Sierra. She literally ate hers without her hands, like a dog. Such a weirdo. lol

At this point I asked Brooklyn if she wanted to play “salon” for her birthday. I told her I’d do her hair and makeup and nails and she was super excited about it. She loved every second of the pampering and asked if we could go outside to take some pictures!
Um, yes!!

Since I’d spent about 10 minutes (in 108 degree weather!) checking all over that area for snakes before letting them walk out there they were pretty nervous throughout our one minute “session.” lol

But I got this picture of them and the ten minute search for snakes in that heat was all worth it.

Before heading back inside I let them walk around the front yard while I followed, taking pictures. They were just so cute I couldn’t resist!


I know I’m her mom and all, but my gosh she is such a pretty little girl!!

And her, too! Goodness.

When we went inside Brooklyn asked me if they could have a tea party.

Which I was actually planning on doing with them anyway so of course I said yes! I don’t think I’d ever say no to a tea party, come to think of it.

Since they were pretty full from McDonald’s and cake and ice cream (my gosh can you imagine? barf!) I only gave them animal crackers and water.

Payson woke up from his nap just then and joined in with his sisters.

Brooklyn was the server and made sure her guests’ cups were always full πŸ™‚

Payson couldn’t have the animal crackers so he got gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

The tea party lasted for quite a while!

And the kids had a great time πŸ™‚

Yep, a fantastic birthday for this little girl of mine.

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

  • A very happy b'day to Brooklyn!

    both your daughters are beautiful, they are definitely going to be heartbreakers one day!

    Love love their hair, looks great.

  • Aww…The cake is precious and who cares if you are NOT a cake decorator, you're her Mommy and Moms ALWAYS make the best cakes!
    And I just have to say that you have 2 of the prettiest daughters I have ever seen! Gorgeous…!

  • I love Brooklyn's hair!!! My goodness you will save so much money when it comes to school dances and prom being able to do hair like that… Ha!

  • I'm sure Brooklyn will always remember the fun she had on her 7th birthday. And…just in case she doesn't remember, you can always remind her with these gorgeous pictures! Nice job, Mama! πŸ™‚

  • Wow, it looks like Brooklyn had a great day. I was reading some of your 2008 posts earlier and realised how quickly all three of them are growing up.
    In one of the photo's Brooklyn had earrings in, I thought that you let her ears heal over?
    I hope she had a great day xx

  • What a best day B got for her birthday long day.


    Lovely hairdo on girls!!
    Glad you could make it through to take all pictures!

  • Happy 7th Birthday Brooklyn!! The girls hairdos are beautiful just like them.I love tea party's and playing salon how fun. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

  • Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

    What a fun day! Can you come to my house on my birthday?! I love how you did their hair! I wish I could do my daughters hair I always feel like I do their hair the same all the time.

    Those girls are soooo beautiful!

  • Well I'm NOT their mom and I say they are beautiful! And you ARE their mom and I say YOU are beautiful! What great memories you are building.

  • Happy Birthday to your daughter and GIVING Birthday to you! My middle daughter's bday was August 3rd, she turned 5.

    And MLP Seaponies are Back?! I am off to a toy store this week to find them, I wanted those so bad back in the 80s and never had one, my girls will whether they want one or not, lol

  • Beautiful girls! (and handsome boy!)
    Happy Birthday to Brooklyn!! I'm sure she LOVED it all.
    You have some serious hairdo skills. I think there is a reason I haven't had girls..I wouldn't know what to do with their hair!

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