A Homeschooling Problem Solved

There are two things about homeschooling that have been difficult for me. The first is that Payson interrupts constantly; he loves to scribble on the girls’ work and play with the manipulatives and games they’re using. I don’t mind him playing with the games next to us but no matter what toy/game/puzzle/book I give him he wants whatever the girls are using right that second.

The second thing is that Brooklyn gets really distracted when doing her work. The thing that distracts her the most is Sierra. Sierra sits quietly and does her work without even glancing up most of the time but Brooklyn can’t seem to take her eyes off of what Sierra’s doing. Even if they’re doing the same thing, she just sits and watches Sierra write/draw/cut and I have to remind her over and over and over again to keep working.

I’ve tried seperate desks at seperate sides of the room but that didn’t work.

So we now set up something between the girls, today it was our file folder box, so they can’t see each other. It works really well. Brooklyn actually did her work today without dawdling!

Earlier in the day we went to the store and since it was so hot outside I gave the girls some quarters to get a pink lemonade.

Problem was the pop machine was broken.

And guess what, all three were broken. So I told the girls we’d stop at a drive-thru restaurant for a lemonade and Brooklyn… threw a fit!
Um, wait. I gave you money for the pop machine and when it doesn’t work said we’d get a drink at the drive-thru and you’re throwing a fit?! Who does that?! Oh, yes, Brooklyn.
And if you’re wondering, she most definitely did not get a lemonade at the drive-thru. She got a cup of water. Sierra and Payson shared a powerade.
Not having a juice like her siblings made her pout at first but within ten minutes it had worked and she was back to acting really sweet. Crazy child.

Oh and just a random extra, I never ever talk about my dreams because I’m bored to tears reading other people’s dreams (ha) but I have to give a SUPER quick telling of my dream last night.

I have nightmares every single night when I’m pregnant. They’re usually about murderers or rapists or the end of the world. Really vivid, awful stuff!

Last night I dreamt that Allan was mad at me and screaming at me (which happens never in real life!) and as if that wasn’t bad enough I’d had my baby and Allan’s mom was taking care of her for me and I hadn’t seen her since her birth and it’d been a week and I was basically just sobbing in my entire dream from being yelled at and not having my baby! lol
It was terrible and I woke up shaking 🙁

And Allan wasn’t happy with me this morning because I lost a receipt we needed to make a return so it all felt very real! lol!

(In my dream Allan’s mom was being helpful, I was sick or something and couldn’t take care of my baby? I don’t know, but it’s not like she took my baby in a mean way, even in my dream. lol)

4 thoughts on “A Homeschooling Problem Solved

  • I just couldn't help but giggle when I read this post…only because it reminded me of how I was when I was a little girl! I may have/not been a little stubborn growing up. lol! 🙂

  • My Sierra sounds exactly like your Brooklyn, I pity us both!

    I had weird dreams when pregnant too! I almost always had ones where someone else had taken the baby or else I'd forgotten to feed her for days… weird.

  • When I have a bad dream I can never remember it when I wake up! I just wake up knowing the dream was bad, but I can't remember alot of the details of it. Weird I know. How did you solve the problem with Payson?

  • I have crazy vivid end of the world, and murderer dreams when pregnant too!
    I'm glad that you added that you did not give Brooklyn the lemonade. My Hayden acts like that and throws huge fits too, and sometimes I find it so hard to stick to my guns. Good job.

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