Exciting Doesn’t Always Visit Us

I feel like a whiny pregnant lady today so I’m probably not going to talk much. I hate complaining and that’s all I feel like doing right now! lol

I cooked a few gluten and dairy free foods this weekend. I’ve been debating feeding all three kids a gluten-free and dairy-free diet just to make things easier on me. Cooking two seperate meals several times a day is way past annoying.

The things I made tasted fine and all three kids have eaten them up with no problem. I still don’t enjoy cooking gluten-free, though. Without going into a very long vent about it, I just hate dealing with food allergies.

My kids were extremely moody today. Far moodier than I am, ha, and so when Payson’s naptime came around (I LOVE naptime!) I put a movie on for the girls so that I could have a half hour of quiet.

I painted my toenails because my feet have looked so ugly lately. My poor pinky toe has a major blister from some really cute shoes I wore all day one day last week.

I randomly decided I should take a belly picture since I didn’t last week. 31 weeks along tomorrow.

I had to clean the mirror before I took that shot. This huge mess is from the girls getting into the bathroom last week >:-(
I actually only washed enough of the mirror to take the shot, the girls are going to clean the rest!

I took a few pictures of my bare belly, too. All those stretchmarks are from my pregnancy with Payson.

I went to check on the girls and they were happily watching their strawberry shortcake movie.

So I went to my desk to print out some stuff for school.
If this blog gets really annoyingly boring and lame for the next couple of months I’m really sorry. I am just not fun when I’m pregnant 🙁

8 thoughts on “Exciting Doesn’t Always Visit Us

  • Girl–You have definitely earned the right to be moody whenever you like! I would be going stir crazy if I had three kids at home and one on the way…you are such an inspiration!I only have one little boy and he really likes to test my patience sometimes. ha! Like most mothers out there, I love my child to death and I wouldn't trade my life with him for anything in the world…but some days I just feel overwhelmed. This is why I love your blog–you are SO real!

  • Your blog is far from boring! I agree with Kelly, you have earned the right to be moody whenever you want! Life isn't easy as a Mama, a pregnant Mama for that matter! So go on.. let those hormones do what they do best, REGULATE! 🙂

    I love reading your posts, as you are so genuine and real with everything you say. I find too many people putting on a “front” that their lives are so perfect, when we all know we have daily battles! I can relate with you on so much, as I have a little 2 year old stinker.. he pushes every button I have! lol. But, at the end of the day all you can do is give them love and smile that your blessed to have such a … UNIQUE child! 🙂

    Keep those posts comin' girl, You rock!


  • Oh you crack me up! No one is fun while pregnant. Especially toward the end. You have every right ti be moody.
    My sil Is struggling with the gluten allergy and making different meals also. I think they are going to wind up all eating gluten free also. It's tough

  • Lovely pictures of you belly in the view with everything. No matter mood or not.. you are amazing mother to this wonderful family.

    31 week all along already. Wow..
    Are you ready?? Got crib and all baby needs?

  • I really love the stretchmark belly shot! 🙂

    And it could never get boring… I just love to see what you guys are up to!

    9 weeks need to fly by… I can't wait to see the baby!

  • Ariana,
    Thank you SO much for the comment that you left on my blog, it couldn't have came at a better time! Your words were very encouraging. It's kinda funny how a simple comment like that can brighten your day sometimes. again–Thanks!

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