I just love cleaning peanut butter off of windows, don’t you?

After two weeks Payson is back in his highchair for mealtimes. Payson is really unhappy about it but I don’t really care. I’m sick of him getting up no less than 10 times each and every meal and making a huge mess. Today after playing with his peanut butter waffle (playing = rubbing the peanut butter all over his hands) he got up and smeared his hands all over the window.
And laughed.
So, highchair it is!

And a random shot of Brooklyn…


Today I woke up in a bad mood because I had errands to run.

I had to mail off a book I sold on ebay.
It cost me $8 to mail that book. EIGHT DOLLARS! I mailed it to Wyoming which is only two states away. That is the last book I ever mail!

I also needed to stop at the store for milk.

My kids were noisy today. Whining, complaining, screaming, crying.
I fantasized about sending them to daycare and public school.

The kids wanted to go the library. I was so tired that I lied and told them the library was closed.

Brooklyn got a timeout for laughing at Payson being naughty after I’d told her not to.

Brooklyn has a major problem with encouraging and telling her siblings to do bad things. She loves to see them get in trouble. Brooklyn gets in trouble for not only the bad thing she tells Sierra to do but also for telling Sierra to do it.
She’s finally stopped telling Sierra to do bad things thanks to this.
For the most part.

My kids asked for McDonald’s on the way out of the store today and I responded, “Yeah freaking right.”

Payson screamed the entire drive home. I blasted music and successfully fought off the urge to drive into oncoming traffic.

During lunch the girls laughed at Payson wrinkling up the pages in my scriptures. They got 15 minute timeouts >:-(

Questions about my schedule-
I’m not a schedule person. At all. I am very go with the flow. But Brooklyn is the most dependent-on-schedules child I’ve ever met so I made that schedule 100% for her benefit. She thrives on it. We follow the schedule 3-5 days a week. Definitely not on the weekends. And most often not on Mondays because I’m recovering from the weekends and can’t stand to be “told” what to do when I’m playing catch up.

Weekends are cruel. Mondays come around and are so dang miserable as I go back into the next five days without Allan around 🙁

Several of you are asking me what I eat every day and I don’t want to answer. I don’t eat well. I usually get so busy I forget to eat until 1pm. Then I’ll have a salad. At 2 I’ll have a bite sized candy bar or some chips or a bowl of peaches. At 3 I’ll have a sandwich. At 7 I’ll have a normal dinner with Allan.

If I force myself to eat in the mornings it’s usually a yogurt before Payson gets up. A banana while I make the kids breakfast. And a hard boiled egg while the kids eat breakfast.

I look better in the pictures I’ve posted than I do in real life, I guess, because I look huge in real life. I’ve even received a couple comments of “you must be due soon” this week. I need to lose 40 pounds after the baby’s born to be back at my ideal weight. If I gain more weight that’s just going to be more weight on top of that 40 😛

Though I don’t typically gain much weight at all during the last month. Thank goodness!

I can’t believe it’s the last month of my pregnancy. In two weeks I’ll be full term. 3 weeks after that she’ll be here!

The pregnancy, extra iron, and fiber combo are making my intestines unhappy. Though unhappy gives me a visual of my intestines off in the corner crying. No, my intestines are angry. They’re in the middle of the room kicking and screaming.

I want to get a t-shirt saying something about how staring is rude. I’m really sick of people staring at me. Staring is RUDE! For any reason!

I’d like to go take a nap now. Too bad it’s actually the worst part of the day. Dinnertime! UGH.

I took just a few pictures today. When I’m moody I tend to dislike my camera.

I don’t enjoy having a toddler. I never have. They can be so cute and funny and make life so fun. But the majority of the time all they want to do (at least my toddlers) is destroy stuff.
And with two other kids the opportunities to make messes come all too easily.
Like Sierra going pee doesn’t even bother to tell me that Payson is in there unrolling all the toilet paper.

Payson loves to hang on the edge of the cart while shopping.

Even the shortest shopping trip exhausts me.

I attempt to kill my bad mood with scripture reading.

But it didn’t really help because my kids screamed the whole time and I got up over 20 times to get them stuff and then Payson tried to ruin my scriptures while I was up refilling his drink. *sigh*

Sierra… she’s such a good kid.

I ate another one after I took this picture 😛

Beautiful Evening

We had such a nice day today. We spent lots of time together relaxing and just hanging out.
We went to Costco in the afternoon to renew our membership and buy some tortilla chips and almond milk.

In the evening the sky was so amazing that we had to go outside and enjoy it. There was lightning and thunder and glorious colors and every now and then a few drops of rain would fall. There was the slightest breeze that broke the heat up just enough to make the evening outdoors perfect.

There are so many times where I catch myself marveling at the fact that I live in the gorgeous desert. I never would have imagined myself living in Arizona back in high school when I was living in my beloved rainy home of Washington but Arizona has become so special to me. I’m so thankful that I can appreciate the beauty of this state now.
I didn’t want to spend much time taking pictures because it was so nice to just be out there, but I did snap some that I really love.

These two were playing soccer. Payson’s really good at kicking the ball.

One of me and the ever-growing belly.

And I’m so excited that I took the time to gather everyone up for a quick family picture! My blog friend Mindy is the one who got me started on a weekly family picture project “way back” in 2008 and I’ve been meaning to pick it up again forever.

And today I did! I’m hoping that for the next 12 months I’ll remember to take a family picture every week!

Sierra and Payson spent the rest of the time we were outside sitting on this swing together watching the lightning.

It was so adorable how they were squealing and smiling and laughing and then at the end sitting there quietly cuddling together.

What Time Do You Think We Have?

So I got a screen shot of the new schedule I’ve been working on. We started following it today and so far it works pretty well.

The girls played outside in the backyard first thing this morning while I put together some of their school work for later.

Once Payson got up we all went into the kitchen to bake some muffins.

And then while the kids ate breakfast I cleaned the counters.

And washed the dishes.

After breakfast Sierra cleaned up some blocks before heading into the school room.

We started with circle time. I brought out pillows for the kids to sit on but they all wanted to lay down instead. Sierra is crying in this picture because Brooklyn told her she couldn’t lay down.

Sierra was happy when I told her, “Sierra, Brooklyn is not in charge of you, if you want to lay down then of course you can lay down.”
I’ve blogged about what we do during circle before (right here, scroll down halfway). The unfinished poster board in the picture above is going to be like a circle time bulletin board. It’s not done but the girls begged me to do the calendar part so we did.

After that the girls got their pencil boxes and started working on their calendar pages and other worksheets. I got the idea to do calendar pages from here.

Payson was super excited when I gave him his very own pencil box with supplies.
Part way through her first worksheet Brooklyn got a timeout. Long story short she fights like crazy about doing any school work. It’s rather ridiculous. I always tell her she can go sit in her room until she’s ready to be polite and do her work again.

Today she started reading a book in timeout and wanted to stay in there for 20 minutes.

Sierra finished 10 of her kindergarten worksheets while Brooklyn was in timeout. She’s more than halfway done with her fourth workbook in three months. She loves worksheets!

Payson ended up coloring in his high chair for about ten seconds before whining to get down. I put his crayons and pencil away, of course, but he managed to find this marker in the garbage can 😛
(Luckily I spotted him with it before he got to the walls.)
Brooklyn randomly asked me to check her teeth for any that may be loose. She is really ansy to lose a tooth since most kids her age she knows have lost at least one by now.
I told her one of her bottom ones was a tiny bit loose and might loosen up more over the next few months.

She was so excited (even though I told her it still might be a year! lol) that she wrote a note to the tooth fairy to tell her about it.
The funny thing about that note is how she spelled “of” off. She asked me if “of” was spelled with one ‘f’ because she didn’t want to write “off.” I told her, “Yes, you’re right, ‘of’ is with one ‘f.'” But then she wrote “off” anyway. lol
(Geez, I need to take a refresher course in how to use quotation marks!)

Here she’s talking about how the tooth fairy will be excited that her tooth is getting loose.

After a bit of school work the kids had snack.

The blueberry muffins were gluten-free and really yummy. I got the recipe from here.

I finished folding the laundry.

While Sierra and Payson played with toys on the counter.
We did some other stuff, probably mostly school and then lunch. I didn’t take pictures so I don’t remember. lol

Then Brooklyn had quiet time while Payson and Sierra took naps.

I put my camera away for the afternoon. I pulled it out again around 4:30 to snap a picture of the kids playing with their legos.

When Allan came home we all went outside since it was so nice today. The high was only 96!!

I told Sierra her eyes were like mommy’s, the same color as storm clouds. She liked that 🙂

Allan was weeding the yard the whole time. We went in shortly after I took this because the gnats were driving us all crazy. There were hundreds out. Blech.
We came inside and spent some time goofing around in the family room. Then we read scriptures. Then the kids ate dinner and we got them in bed and Allan and I ate frozen pizza while watching the last half of the Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers.

I thought it was funny when Sam was telling Frodo, “You’re not eating. You barely sleep. It’s taken ahold of you, Mr. Frodo.” I told Allan, “Hey! That’s me! I’m not eating, I barely sleep!” I looked wide eyed down at my huge stomach and said, “I must’ve swallowed the ring!”

Not so funny typed out, but made me and Allan laugh at the time.

Where Does Time Go?

I’m sorry in advance. I have terrible pictures and nothing interesting to say. Today was super busy. I had my OB appointment this morning (went fine) and the rest of the day just flew by.

In the afternoon I let the kids watch TV while I was working on some stuff.

A few minutes later they were still watching it while eating an unhealthy dinner (but yum) while I put together a new daily schedule for homeschool. I’m excited to start the new schedule tomorrow. I think it’s going to be effective and really save some stress and not-used-effectively time. Mostly planning things around Payson’s naps and “content” times was the goal.

Payson did his best all day to make sure I never got bored.

Scripture time with daddy.

Sierra cracked herself up by smelling her feet.

2 Years Old and Already Addicted!

He’s 2 years old and completely addicted to football.
And dad doesn’t mind 😉

During bedtime Allan went to get Sierra a shirt to sleep in. He, of course, picked out her BYU football shirt. Allan came walking down the hall with the shirt in his hand. Payson noticed the shirt and started freaking out with joy over, “Seesee’s football shirt!!”
After that we decided to pull Payson’s shirt out of the closet. When Payson saw his shirt his eyes got huge and he grinned and he immediately started taking off the shirt he was wearing while happily screaming, “Payson’s shirt! Payson’s football shirt!”

He was so darn excited about wearing his shirt and Sierra wearing hers that Allan and I changed into our shirts and got Brooklyn hers. When all of us were standing there in our shirts I thought Payson might faint with excitement over the situation.

He was skipping around pointing to each person and saying, “Daddy’s football shirt, mommy’s football shirt, Brooklyn’s football shirt…”
It was SO cute.

We asked him if he wanted to watch football and the joy on his face was priceless.

Allan turned on a game from last year that we have saved on our DVR.

Anytime there were the announcers talking or a commercial Payson would beg Allan, “Football?? Football!?” Until Allan fast forwarded to the game again.

The 2010 season is just about to start. Next Saturday is the first game and every single person in this house is excited!

Oh yeah, gonna be a fun football season in our house 🙂

Today Sucked

The last straw of the day was when Payson managed to pull his diaper off enough to spill his poop on the family room floor, step in it and then walk 10 feet over to me to get cleaned up.

Carpet and tile were soiled 🙁
Scrubbing poop on your hands and knees is bad enough any normal day, but being 8 months pregnant and after the day I had… I felt like crying.

Barefoot, Pregnant, In the Kitchen

Yesterday Payson had his first baking-with-mommy experience.

He did what both my other girls have done at least once each, tasted baking soda.

Brooklyn and Sierra actually did all of the dumping and mixing. I was going to let Payson do some but he preferred eating a hard boiled egg and watching.

I like having a stand mixer when baking with little kids. It’s so easy to have it turned on low while the girls dump in ingredients.

Many chocolate chips were consumed.

And though I try not to let my kids eat raw eggs, I’ll admit I’m not good at keeping them away from raw cookie dough tastes.

I was going to bake gluten and dairy-free cookies so Payson could eat with us but I was out of shortening.
So I gave Payson some skittles as a treat, instead.

Would you think of me horribly if I told you the girls weren’t the only ones who tasted the dough? I had a spoonful, too :-S

But it wasn’t my fault. The dough was way too yummy >:-( lol

Oh and the recipe is here: Do not make these because you will eat them all.

I wanted to take a picture of the kids wearing their aprons (Payson wore Brooklyn’s and Brooklyn wore one of mine) and figured I’d hop in there as well.

The girls then peeled some hard boiled eggs to snack on while the cookies baked and I cleaned up.

Payson spent a few minutes laughing at mommy.

Brooklyn was waiting for Sierra to finish peeling her egg. Brooklyn’s egg cracked when she peeled it so she convinced Sierra to trade eggs with her. Sierra always goes along with whatever Brooklyn wants to do.

And 10 minutes later, enjoying what I thought were and Brooklyn claimed to be, “the best cookies in the world!”
(For the best texture ever let your butter soften for a long time. I put mine out at night and use it the next day when it’s creamy soft.)

I let Payson hold this box of macaroni and cheese because it had spongebob squarepants on it.
Payson has never watched that cartoon but he has some pajamas with Spongebob and is now obsessed. I sang him the theme song the first time I put the pajamas on him and every single time he sees anything with Spongebob now he’ll scream, “Spongebob!!” and sing the opening song, complete with nose playing.

Oh and you’ve noticed, since I’m blogging with pictures, that I haven’t sent my camera off yet. I’m dealing with the focus issue by manually focusing. I’m not very good at it and none of my pictures have been tack sharp like they were when my auto focused worked, but I hate the idea of being without an SLR for a couple weeks and I’m still nervous about sending it away. So for now, I’m just dealing with the difficult focus and eventually I’ll get the nerve to send my camera off.

Or will I?? *cry*

Oh and lastly since this post was all about the kitchen. Or was before I brought up my camera… and spongebob… I have a random question for you.
Do you put your dishes in the sink or on the counter by the sink?
I put my dishes in the sink, I can’t stand to have them on the counter!
Allan prefers them stacked on the counter.

34 Weeks

Payson wanted to be in the belly shots this time.

Things are going pretty well. I’m a lot more achy and feel a lot heavier. I have many Braxton Hicks contractions every day. Which is all normal for me at this phase of pregnancy.

Baby girl is still a really gentle baby. She moves around and does her stretching but it’s all so mellow. I’m getting more ansy to meet her and get to know her. To see if she’s as gentle and mellow once outside as she is now.

I’ve had people ask me if I’m worried or nervous about having a fourth child.
I’m really not, actually. Not even a little bit.
I think I’m at a point in life where everything in life is hard so the idea of it getting harder doesn’t really compute. lol
If this baby has colic like Payson had things will be really difficult for 3-6 months. I’ll not get much sleep and I’ll be overwhelmed and stressed out.
But I’ll get through it.
And I think I’ll probably even handle it better than I did with Payson because I’ve experienced it before. Part of what made taking care of Payson so difficult in those newborn never-sleep-at-all days was the worry and confusion. I had no idea what was wrong with him and was frustrated by doctors refusing to help in any way.

When I figured out he has allergies and made the changes to his diet and he was suddenly more normal, a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and even now, it is hard dealing with two major allergies (gluten and dairy for those new readers) but at least I know that if he gets diarrhea or is super cranky one day (like, cry-all-day cranky) it’s because he got ahold of his sisters’ food or there was some random ingredient in something I gave him that I missed when reading the label. Because I always read the label carefully but gluten can be tricksy and hide in all kinds of fun places! There have been a million things I’ve learned during the past year about gluten and where it is and what it can be called.
Like modified food starch = diarrhea for Payson. Stuff like that. It’s lots of fun!

Ok not really and I didn’t mean to get so off topic.

So yeah, I’m not nervous but I’m not expecting some easy transition either. I’m just ready for it. I’m aware of the possibility of added stress and work and sleep deprivation and I’m ok with it 🙂