Two Silly Siblings

Brooklyn and Payson have such a unique relationship. It’s hard to describe but they just “click.” I didn’t know what kind of relationship they’d have with an almost 5 year age gap between them but turns out they’re great friends. They don’t play together as much as Brooklyn and Sierra play together but they definitely adore each other.

They have their moments of “hating” each other, sure. But when they’re playing nicely together, it’s crazy joyful around here 🙂

Both of them were thrilled at the discovery that Payson understands piggy back rides and holds on tight enough for it to be safe… and therefore allowed by mommy 😉

They were both laughing and laughing and having the best time.

It was so cute that after snapping all these pictures I got the video camera out to record it. I’ll have to upload that video when I have more time.

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