Two Little Girls Mail a Letter

The girls and I were looking through all the birthday cards they’ve received from their great grandma (Allan’s mom’s mom) and decided they wanted to draw a picture for her and mail it off today.

They drew flowers and rainbows and smiling faces and wrote their names on an envelope, added a stamp and then off to the mailboxes we went. (I added the addresses since Mr. Postman probably wouldn’t be able to read the girls’ writing. lol)

Even with Brooklyn’s help Sierra wasn’t quite big enough so I lifted her up to the mail slot.
And then Brooklyn (my big girl, *sniff*) put her letter in.

Brooklyn told me she missed her letter after she dropped it in but she was happy she got to send something to grandma.

I got the girls an oreo shake from Jack in the Box and when we got home they ran to hide it from Payson (he’s allergic to dairy, don’t worry he got a small fries for a treat).

Brooklyn has always pronounced oreo “oro” no matter how many times we correct her. It makes me giggle to hear it 😀
Oh and grandma D, you’re getting a letter, too!

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  • I just love your posts! I'm a mom of two girls (6 & 3) and an almost 2 year old boy. I love my girls but there is something about my son that just makes my heart melt everytime.

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