Working Hard and Having Fun

Today was like any other day but I was in a fantastic mood for some reason. I feel like last week my hormones went nuts and I couldn’t handle anything and now I feel back to my normal, happy self and it’s amazing!
It’s crazy weird that that happened. Must’ve been random, weird pregnancy hormone changes.
There wasn’t anything at all that changed in my life or routine as far as eating, sleeping, responsibilities, or anything like that. It’s all the same but today was awesome, and nothing expectional happened- just the ordinary.

Ordinary was heavenly today.

I spent the first three hours I was up cleaning like crazy. I actually found it slightly amusing how much my hips hurt just cleaning my house. I’m just glad I had NO heartburn today!! For the first time in 7 months!

The kids all played nicely all morning. Seriously, they all played nicely all morning.

At one point I thought that I should probably pull out my camera and take a picture of something. I figured this picture would be the only one I took today because I just wasn’t in a picture-taking mood.

But then Payson and I were having a great time while eating and I decided I just had to snap a picture of him, too.

He was laughing his head off at me throughout the entire meal.

I wasn’t even doing anything that funny, but then again I make Payson laugh all the time. He really loves his mama 🙂
Whew, major Braxton Hicks contraction as I’m typing just now. I wish I didn’t get those until the last two weeks or so of pregnancy!

After Payson finished eating (the girls ate before him) we went outside to play in the water.

Brooklyn has been wonderful this week. She’s been helpful and obedient and sweet to her siblings and I am really liking it!

After playing outside I rinsed the kids off in my bathroom. Sierra grabbed my razor while in the shower and got a pretty bad cut (x3) on her thumb 🙁

And by pretty bad I don’t mean all that bad but worse than a typical little kid cut, you know?

After getting the kids dressed we went into the school room for some cutting and gluing and coloring fun.

Brooklyn is in love with her shirt. She asked me to take this picture so that she could have a picture of her shirt. After I took it and showed her on the back of the camera she had me take two more because she wanted the cat to show better. lol!

And to my surprise Sierra ran over and begged me to take a picture of them all together!

They cut and glued for quite a while. I bought this giant pad of plain paper a couple weeks ago and they are loving having such a huge space to make pictures on.

Payson did color and cut and glue, too, I just didn’t take any pictures of it.
Speaking of Payson and glue… Payson thinks glue is chapstick; he smears it on his lips every time we use it even though I show him what it’s for and he also seems to understand that. Funny kid.

3 thoughts on “Working Hard and Having Fun

  • So glad that you are feeling like yourself again. Pregnancy hormones can be crazy! Mine are still fluctuating at 4 months post-partum 🙂 Poor Sierra 🙁

  • Glad the day was better! I love ordinary, nothing sort of days that are just smooth sailing!

    Seirra's thumb makes me sad. Poor girl! Ouch! (I have done that before.)

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