Accident Prone Accurately Describes Her

Today I told Sierra that she should sit for a few minutes in between bandaid changes to let her thumb air out.
You know how cuts don’t heal as fast when they’re bandaged up really well?

Brooklyn seeing the camera out had to jump in and ham it up.

Then five minutes later Sierra decided to mess with her thumb and made it bleed 😛

After lunch earlier today, which neither girl finished, I heard the water running in the bathroom and came in to see the girls brushing their teeth. Seemingly a good thing, right?
No! They’re not allowed to brush their own teeth anymore because they smear toothpaste and soap all over the counters and mirrors when they’re left alone in there!

Right now the girls are laughing hysterically over Brooklyn adding turds to her drawing. I’m hearing these kind of lovely statements:
“There’s a turd on your face!”
“There’s a turd in your mouth!”
“You’re eating a turd!!”
“Look at all the turds, they come from each place, from every corner, then they come up your legs and go in your mouth and meet each other.”
All followed by lots of laughing.

So weird. Luckily this is the first time she’s ever drawn turds or heck even really talked about turds.

Because it was so random and silly I snapped a couple pictures just now. The dots are the turds, of course.

And while editing those pictures Brooklyn decided to color all over Sierra’s nose and hand. >:-(
Brooklyn’s in timeout now.
Sierra thinks it’s hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Accident Prone Accurately Describes Her

  • I think the turds thing is the age. My ds is 7 and my girls are almost 6 and any “toilet” talk is hilarious! My friend's daughter is the same age and is the same way. Drives.Me.Insane. Insane I tell you.

    We've had ongoing battles with coloring on things other than paper. Thankfully we haven't had an episode in a while. (Knock on wood!)

  • Yup all I hear from my 5 and 7 year old is Poop this and poop that. I have banned the words poop and caca in this house. Drives me crazy. Now they've switched to boogers. Lovely.

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