Just How it Goes

There are days where I hate almost every single thing about being a mom. Just yesterday, actually, I had such a bad day. I was just so moody and not wanting to do all the million little things I had to. Dishes, laundry, changing diapers, oh gosh… on and on.

And then sometimes when things get the very hardest and I have actual thoughts of, “I really can’t do this for another day” things suddenly seem like not a big deal.

Today started out exactly like every other day but when things got crazy (like they do every single day) I felt more amused by them than annoyed by them. Maybe things are getting so nuts around here with being hugely pregnant and homeschooling and being stuck inside so much that I’ve finally snapped and gone crazy? lol

The girls were coloring a lot this morning. Since there have been so many coloring on the furniture/walls/floors episodes in our house I now sit with them the entire time they color. I’m bored out of my mind during this but I figure it’s better than having to clean crayon messes!

Payson was playing with his cars and trucks.

Brooklyn made this sign to hang on the bathroom door:
Two funny things about that photo… 1) Brooklyn was actually smiling at first and I said, “Hey, you have to do a ‘keep out Payson’ face!” 2) She’d made a sign exactly like it yesterday and Payson ruined it! lol

So as happens a lot every day, Payson pooped and I dragged myself over to the diaper changing counter…

I think I’ve mentioned before how awful it is to change Payson. Every time, every time, he kicks me, he SCREAMS, he arches his back and rolls around and grabs at his diaper and basically has a complete meltdown/tantrum. It is torture! I HATE changing his diaper! He’s been like this his entire life and it’s just plain miserable for me.

I set Payson down after he was cleaned up and went to wash my hands. And he went straight for the girls’ crayons.
So the lesson is, you should put all the crayons away and up out of reach during diaper changes. That or don’t wash your hands afterwards so you can go straight back into the room and make sure your son doesn’t destroy more furniture.

I put Payson in his highchair with some rice chex with sliced bananas so I could clean up.

And I brought out my lovely steam mop. It’s shark brand (I was asked about that last time) but I’m not sure what model or anything like that.

I tried to get some older pencil drawings off one of the walls but it didn’t work. Any tips for how to get pencil off the wall? Should I just try erasing it? I need to buy a bigger eraser!

And while I’m cleaning Payson’s color fest up what is he doing?

Oh yes, of course, dumping out his cereal and rice milk and smearing it all over his tray and splashing it in.

He was quite the sticky mess…

So I dry him off and get him dressed and he goes straight for my shoes.

He was thrilled and was hopping around saying, “Mama’s shoes! Mama’s shoes!”

Since the steam mop was all warmed up from cleaning the crayon I used it on the spilled rice milk.

I kept Payson in the kitchen with me so I could keep an eye on the destroyer!

After cleaning up the rice milk I had to sweep because when you have little kids you have to sweep after every stinking meal.
Well, or not sweep and just have dirty floors.
And while sweeping I noticed the floor was still super sticky from the rice milk so I went and got some water and floor cleaner. I needed to mop anyway.

Payson, meanwhile, was getting into the dirty clothes (soaked with rice milk) and after trying them on he threw them all on the floor. Why would we keep them on the counter? That’s just craziness! Everything belongs on the floor!

Because I’m lazy 30 weeks pregnant, I dumped a water/floor cleaner mix on the floor…

And “skated” around on towels to clean it up. It worked REALLY well and this is how I will mop my floors from now until October! lol

Payson gave it a try and had a blast.

Then he helped me wash all the many, many towels we used today to clean.
After that I put Payson to bed for a nap and the girls and I worked on a bunch of school stuff until around noon when I had to get everyone ready to go to my OB appointment.

On the way to my OB appointment the gas light came on. Which was actually ok since I was 25 minutes early and had plenty of time to stop at the gas station.
I drank my glucose “juice” on the drive to the OB’s office since today was my gestational diabetes test. I hate that sugar mix! BLEH

The kids played with their new sticker books.

Which were a HUGE hit! All three kids LOVE sticker books and played with them happily the entire time.

I sat and waited, feeling surprised and relieved when my kids acted like angels the whole time.

I got poked quite a few times because the phlebotomist was gone and the nurses had a heck of a time trying to find a good vein. I have the smallest veins ever and no matter where I go it’s a struggle to get blood taken. This time two of my veins burst. It didn’t really hurt, though. And even if it did I don’t really care about pain like that since being a mom… I mean, as long as my kids aren’t screaming you can do what you want to me! lol

Payson was in SUCH a good mood! In the middle picture below he noticed the baby on the birth diagram on the wall and was pretty excited. He still has no idea whatsoever that he’s getting a baby sister in a couple months but he sure does love babies.

The last picture(s) I took today was of this rice milk box I dropped after coming home. Even mommy’s make messes sometimes, I guess 😛

10 thoughts on “Just How it Goes

  • I had one of those wacky emotional days today. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I just wanted to bawl all afternoon. For no reason. Bleh.
    For diaper changes, I do what MaryMary said she does. Sit on the floor and put the kiddo on the floor in front of you perpendicular to you. Put one leg over their tummy to hold them down while you change their diaper. It works pretty well. The hardest part is getting up off the floor! 🙂
    Hang in there, girl.

  • I'm not pregnant and had a day like that on Saturday. I even blogged about it tonight before I read your post. It helps me feel so normal. 🙂

  • The part that made my jaw drop was all that happened before noon. I have days like that, I swear time sits still, but it was so different reading it! So good to read about other's having these days!

    Changing diapers, I always did it on the floor. Even when pregnant, and I was HUGE! With their feet facing me I put one side of their body under one leg (meaning arm and leg) and the other side…you get the idea. It worked! But getting off the floor took awhile! 🙂

    Hang in there, I'm amazed by all that you do!

  • Have you tried changing him with him standing up? I've had a few friends that said that worked wonders for the kids who HATED to be lying down.

  • I've tried the floor thing and the standing up thing. Neither worked with Payson. Standing up he'd take off running or even worse, sit down mid diaper change.

    I used to change him on the floor with my leg over him but that stopped working months ago.

    I actually spent a lot of time yesterday putting diapers on his toys and playing “diaper changing time” with him and even though I try to make his diaper changes a funner experience, working on his toys really made him happy and he wasn't quite as bad during today's diaper changes. He even asked me to change him before his nap! So, maybe he's coming around?

  • Those sticker books are the best. We fly 2-3 times a year, 5 hr. flight, and I bring those for each of my younger kids. There is such a huge variety of them. I get them brand new on Ebay, .99 cents to 5.00. I can let you know the sellers names if you're interested. B&N and ToysRUs sell them for much more. They are a lifesaver!

  • I'd love the seller's name! I can't believe you can find them brand new for that cheap!! I would have never thought to check ebay!

  • I am so glad your kids were good for your appt!! I was so (perhaps not so secretly) happy when I found out that my OB's office doesn't allow children under age 12. It was kind of a pain to find childcare for them for every appt, but it was so nice to get that break and go to my appts alone. Of course I still take them all with me to any other dr appt, and we have our fair share of them between me, the kids pedi, and specialists. I am definitely going to have to try sticker books. The girls have had a couple small ones, but I think they would love them for times like that!

    And I thought it was so funny when you said “when you have little kids you have to sweep after every stinking meal.” and I was like “I should but I so don't” then you wrote “Well, or not sweep and just have dirty floors.” and yeah that's totally me on most days. When I end up stepping in something gross I know it's time to sweep LOL

  • Oh, almost forgot! The crayon off of things. We use oxy clean mixed with water (of course!) and it works so well. It got grape juice out of white carpet. It's magic! I don't dilute it very much. Hope it helps!

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