So Long Summer Movie Program

It was fun while it lasted! Today we saw our last summer movie. There is one more next week and we do have tickets for it (we bought all 10 movies at the beginning of the summer) but I absolutely hate the muppets and so do the kids (thankfully!) so we’re skipping it!
We also, unfortunately, missed last week since I had my root canal that morning.

But, $50* (oops, I meant $21 for the movies only!) for 8 movies and something to look forward to during the 100+ degree stuck-in-the-house days was awesome!

My kids did NOT want a picture taken today. I usually won’t take a picture if they really don’t want me to but since this was the last movie and I’ve taken pictures at each other one I figured I’d snap one anyway!

And just for fun I put together a storyboard of all the pictures. I love seeing them together like this. Crazy that this was 9 weeks worth of summer!!!
*The movies were actually only $21 total, not $50! $7 each for me and the girls. (Payson was free!)
I also bought a pack of ten kids’ combo meals for $36. So I spent $50ish total but the movies themselves are only $21.
Not that anyone really cares but I figured I should explain it correctly. lol!

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