Dangerous Meal

Sierra got her cheek burned today during lunchtime. She was looking at our fresh-out-of-the-oven english muffin pizzas a little too closely.

I’ve been meaning to try out these english muffin pizzas for long time.

The girls really liked making them.

Ready for the oven.

So they came out of the oven and poor Sierra leaned in close to look at them and her face touched the side of the hot cookie sheet šŸ™

She wanted to eat before putting some cold water on it.

A couple minutes later I had her sit with an ice water soaked rag (actually an old cloth diaper, ha) on her face.

While I was taking that picture of Sierra, Brooklyn was begging me to take a picture of her.

I added more cold water to the rag after a minute and had her sit just a couple minutes longer.

Meanwhile Payson was still pissed in his highchair. Pissed over what? Well, he wanted those pizzas and NOT the leftover pot roast I gave him. I try to give him most of his meals when the girls aren’t around since they don’t eat the same things and it makes Payson mad.

He did use his pot roast to cover his highchair tray and hair with.

Realizing Payson wasn’t going to touch his food I made a quick trip to Walgreen’s for some burn ointment. I hope since it’s such a mild burn it doesn’t leave a scar!

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Meal

  • My girls like the english muffin pizzas too, but w/ just cheese. And we're impatient and just warm them in the microwave. Sierra looks like a trooper! I doubt it will scar, it looks pretty mild. šŸ™‚

  • Ouch, that had to hurt her little face. Looks likes she's doing better though?

    My mom used to make those pizzas when we were little, she called them 'pizza rolls' (don't know why because the english muffins aren't rolls, lol.) Now I make them for my kids, but we don't eat meat so we just pile the veggies on them, or just make cheese ones. We also buy dough from the local pizza place and make our own homemade pizzas, the kids love to make them.

  • Oh poor Sierra. Hopefully it'll heal quickly without leaving a scar. I love the look on Sierra's face as she's looking at her sister. It must be hard to make different meals for the kids.

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