29 Weeks

29 weeks along now.
29 weeks and 2 days.

This morning I realized that I needed some 29 week belly shots and the easiest way to get them is using the mirror…

But then I noticed it was cloudy outside and asked Brooklyn if she’d take a couple pictures of me and she very happily said yes (she really loves taking pictures).

And despite having a super crazy day filled with lots of chaos I didn’t take any other pictures, so I guess that’s all for now!

5 thoughts on “29 Weeks

  • You really do look great!

    I'm pretty sure I looked like that that my first month or something, totally not fair! 🙂

  • You are looking great, girl! Believe it or not I actually miss being pregnant. I think it's because we won't be having anymore. Make sure you drink plenty of water being in all that heat and after I read your last post. Take care!!

  • Thank you Melissa and Sarah!

    Sarah, I really have no idea why but those pictures are fairly flattering. Must be the outfit because there are many days where I look so huge I can barely believe I'm looking at my own reflection and even Allan comments on the growth! lol

    Stacy, thank you and honestly that is advice I need to hear. I am so busy I don't drink nearly enough! It's terrible. Today I've happily downed three huge cups of water (got up before the kids and that helped) so maybe for once I'll feel good! lol

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