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Sierra had another dentist appointment today. The office we go to doesn’t do more than one filling at a time and Sierra had two cavities so… two appointments.
~Side note- the dentist told me that since Sierra was super sick around the time her molars came in when she was 2 her molars are super weak. The dentist thought she might need one capped but the cavity wasn’t as bad as they thought. However, even with daily brushing and flossing they think she might need to have it capped at some point.
Had you ever heard about that, kids being sick when their molars coming in leads to weak teeth?
Brooklyn and Payson have great, strong teeth and neither of them were sick when their teeth came in so… hmm.

Anyway, I think I mentioned last time that when I was a kid my mom took me to get a frosty after a dentist appointment and I loved it so much that I decided to do that with my kids. We went today after Sierra’s appointment.

It was super slow at Wendy’s (only one other person) which I was so thankful for because I absolutely hate busy restaurants and stores. Heck, anytime there are lots of people I’m annoyed, like I’ve blogged about before.

Payson had a huge tantrum when I split a large fries up between the kids. Apparently he thought he should have all the fries to himself.

It took me a couple minutes to get him to calm down. I actually took all the fries back and pointed out which pile was for which person and then asked him if he wanted “Payson’s fries?” and then had him ask me nicely for them, which he did (because I’ve been doing this a LOOOOOOT this week) and when I gave them back he was just fine with the sharing. *sigh*

After Wendy’s we drove home. It started to rain and the temperatures were only in the high 90s. They still are and it’s SUCH a relief!

We stopped for fifteen minutes and just walked around in the desert a little bit.

We could’ve stayed out longer, the kids were having fun, but I was so dizzy I was literally seeing stars and I was worried I might faint if I didn’t get home and rest and drink water.

The kids sat on this log and Brooklyn asked me to take a picture of them. Um, of course I will!

5 thoughts on “We’re Out

  • Sorry to hear about the dentist trips, but we have been down that road before as well! My oldest, Ava, who is now 12 had the same issue as Sierra. When Ava was 2, she was very sick and sustained a 105 temp for about 12 hours! The dentists that she has seen have all said that this fever and illness interfered with the development of her molars. Unfortunately, she has four that actually were worse than weak, the enamel just did not fully form and now they all have to be capped. (they are all permanent teeth!) Those appointments are coming up over the next few weeks! I thought it strange to here that an illness can cause issues with teeth forming, but it is true! Good luck!

  • Hi Tiffany. Love your blog and the kids are adorable as usual!!! As far as the teeth, your dentist is right. When those particular teeth were forming, she could have had a high fever and it effected the development. I have issues with my 6 yr molars because of this very reason. Not sure if her permanent ones will have problems. I'm assuming these are baby teeth since she is so little. Sorry to ramble. Let me know if you have any more teeth questions.

    Take care

  • Hey Tracey, thanks for the info. She did have a high fever when her molars were coming in; they're just baby teeth. I hope the fever and illness didn't affect her permanent teeth as well!

    I don't know if you know me from when I was little (I don't remember a Tracey, but I have a terrible memory!) but only my close family call me Tiffany, I prefer Ariana 🙂

  • Oops,my bad. It was quite honestly a mistake. I also commented on a makeup blog on Youtube and it's MakeupbyTiffany. I should really proof read! So sorry.

  • Tracey, it's totally fine, I was just thinking for a second, did I know you as a child? (I went by Tiffany as a child) lol!

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