Is it really the end of Monday?

I can’t believe that it’s 5:30pm right now! I’ve been up since 6:30 since I had a root canal appointment bright and early. You’d think today would have felt like it lasted for an eternity but it flew by.
The kids, seeing me in pain and totally numb and unable to talk well for over 5 hours, decided to be complete terrors today. They were on their worst behavior, hitting each other, yelling at each other, getting into things they weren’t supposed to. It was nuts. I’d think seeing your mom feeling so awful would make you want to treat her with kindness but my kids don’t think that.

Thank heaven for building blocks. For some odd reason both girls were obsessed with them today and played with them almost all day. In between being rude to each other and me, of course.

Payson went from room to room trying to kill himself or annoy everyone. He seriously fell like ten times today. Several of those were him just tripping over himself in his angry tantrums. Tantrums over walking up to Brooklyn or Sierra and trying to steal a toy they are playing with and being upset when they wouldn’t let him.

He also spent lots of time putting his shoes on and then coming to me and crying for me to take them off. Then he’d come back to me minutes later and cry until I put them on.
This is a daily thing.

I’ve been trying to mellow him out by focusing a lot on using words and signs instead of screaming and whining and crying, which he prefers.
After I take his shoes off or put them on I have him say, “Thank you, mommy.”

In this next picture he was saying, “Yay!”

After uploading those pictures from the white mountains yesterday I was feeling yucky about how my hair looked.
I hated the red, especially since the roots were so much lighter than the ends. So I decided to dye it back to brown. Problem was, I stupidly didn’t check the box and bought non-permanent hair dye, which doesn’t work well for me 😛

I’ll try dyeing it again in a month and use permanent dye and see if I can get it to some normal-ish color. I just want my old plain old brown back.

And lastly, here’s a video clip of Sierra sleeping in the car Saturday on our drive. Her carseat’s head rest (which doesn’t come off) pushes her head too far forward and makes it hard for her to keep her head up 🙁

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