Exploring the White Mountains

Allan thought it would be fun to go up to the white mountains yesterday so we packed some food and diapers and piled into the car.

It took us 4 hours to get there and that drive was a little bit much but once we were out of the car in the 70 degree weather it was all worth it.

We stopped near Greer, AZ and played around at the head waters of the Little Colorado River.

It looked like a small creek where we were. It was so gorgeous with all the green.

We were planning on just hanging out near the water, eating lunch and throwing rocks.

The girls threw a little bit of their sandwiches to the fish. Fish we never actually saw, except a dead one near the road.

It took Payson only a couple of minutes to go running straight into the water with his socks and shoes on. We hadn’t planned that, but oh well.
And within a minute or two of walking in the water, he was sitting in the water, too.

Allan was first to cross the log bridge.

And Brooklyn wanted to try her balancing skills, too.

This was around the time Payson’s pants were taken off as he’d soaked them so completely.

I handed my camera off to Allan and he took the next six pictures:

We’ll probably get him his own camera as soon as we can afford it. He actually liked photography long before he met me.

Brooklyn took this one of me carrying Payson.

Before heading home we stopped in Pinetop Lakeside to eat dinner. The employees at KFC ignored us for a good ten minutes before the manager came to the front and took our order and then the food was pretty darn nasty and the place was a bit stinky… not the best dining experience.

The last item of business before the long drive home was to fill ‘er up.
And then we drove and drove and drove and got home after midnight and struggled to get cranky, crying kids to bed and then ate a peanut butter cracker before brushing teeth and flopping into bed.

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