Bye Earrings

Poor Brooklyn got her earrings taken out today. We’re going to let the holes grow back in πŸ™
Her ears kept getting infected (her right one in particular) no matter how well we took care of them so I made the decision to just let them go. She was relieved to have them gone because she absolutely hates it when I clean them out no matter how fast I do it.
In the middle picture she was showing how she cried during the cleaning out process earlier in the day.

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  • Natalie's has been doing the same thing. We had to take them out for her last 2 soccer games in May (they'd already been in a few months at that point) and ever since then, the right one keeps getting red and crusty. We clean them every night before bed to no avail. She hasn't asked to take them out completely just yet, so hopefully it will get better. Do you think you'll get them re-pierced at some point?

  • If I went back and did everything over I'd simply say no pierced ears until 12 or until they're old enough to take care of them themselves.

    I felt awful cleaning the puss out of her ears (as gently as I could) because it still hurt her and all for what? Jewelry! Ugh.

  • The same thing happened to me when I was a kid. I have really sensitive ears, and I have to wear gold or very high quality silver earrings. I had my ears pierced a second time (after I let them close up) with gold earrings, and didn't have any problems.

  • This has been our week too:( I had to take Megan to the Dr Monday because one of hers was infected and she needed meds. It almost killed her yesterday when we had to take it out and go though the cleaning process. I haven't even attempted it yet today:( The Dr told me to stick with high quality earrings.

  • Oh April, that's horrible that you had to take her to the doctor for it! I was worried that might happen to Brooklyn.

    Did the doctor say the infection should clear up even if Megan continues to wear earrings? I took Brooklyn's out thinking it would help the healing process… I am not opposed to going out and buying real gold earrings, just wondering how it affects the healing to continue to wear earrings? Maybe I should google! lol

  • Hmm, I just read an article that said DON'T remove the earring because when the ear heals it can trap the infection inside :-S
    I guess I'm going to buy some gold earrings today and somehow convince Brooklyn to let me put them in! She's going to have the biggest freak out ever πŸ™

  • You may want to check with your ped's office. Most of the ones around here will actually do ear piercings IN the office now b/c so many kids have problems with getting them done at the stores. I don't know if that's a lack of sanitation or just the quality of the metal or what. At least they could tell you for sure whether to let it close up or not. I constantly had infections from earrings as a kid and to this day still can't wear earrings (at almost 30 yrs old!), even ones with solid gold studs. I think because it wasn't handled properly to begin with. (Ok I reread that and it sounds crazy scary…sorry. I was hoping to help.)

  • Poor Brooklyn. My girls both got their ears pierced around Thanksgiving last year and we had to removed Olivia's just a few weeks later. They were so sore and infected. I just took them out and continued to clean them and they healed fine on their own.

  • Amanda, thanks for telling me about the situation with Olivia, that really does make me feel better about leaving the earrings out and just keeping up with cleaning them!

  • The dr told me to use 14k or the really good stainless steal posts. I suppose the ones Claire's used on her ears were junk despite what they said. He gave her an antibotic to use 3x a day and then I have to clean the earrings and ears daily. To clean I have to soak the earrings in Peroxide while having her hold a warm washcloth on her ear. Then I clean the ear with peroxide and put Neosporin on the earring right before I put it back in. He said we'd see improvement in 4 or 5 days and they are getting better slowly.
    My husband had me take her to the dr for fear of the infection spreading–that can be scarey!

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