4 thoughts on “Lame Post

  • Ohh… I recognize that book [smile]. I love the pictures where everyone is engrossed. So, the picture isn't lame at all [smile].

    Did the rain cool things off, or just make it more humid?


  • This is random, but I'm wondering what movies are included in the summer movie program where you live. Our are at least PG and with my oldest being 6 I'm not sure I should bring her. Have you seen the Tooth Fairy movie by chance? I can't decide if we should attempt or not!

  • Luke, it really did just make things more humid. The temperatures didn't go below 104 and now it's sticky hot. So much worse!

    Sarah, I'll list the movies in my next movie post (next Monday). I haven't seen the tooth fairy movie and don't plan to just because it looks extremely boring to me 😛

  • For washing windows I have found a dream come true. I love to recommend it to friends. It's a product made by Windex..I can't remember exactly what it's called, but it looks kind of like a swiffer wet jet or something. It would be sold in the same aisle. You just spray the window with your hose, scrub up and down with this scrubber on this stick and then rinse with the hose. It has simplified window washing for me in an unbelievable way, and they come out sparkling.

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