Birthday Presents!

Allan and I talked with Brooklyn and decided that this year we were going to do the presents part of Brooklyn’s birthday a month early. The reason being is that she is bored out of her mind stuck inside all day and having a bunch of games and stuff a month earlier seemed like an awesome idea.

We’re even considering doing one giant presents day at the beginning of next summer for all three kids. On their real birthdays we’ll do cake and ice cream and balloons and go somewhere they choose (like camping or Chuck E Cheese or bowling or something). Who knows… the kids like that idea so far.

Brooklyn had a blast opening her presents. I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures during because that girl is FAST at ripping paper! lol
I did set up the video camera and got it all that way, though.

Brooklyn mostly got games and books and things to do. I’ll probably get her one more toy on her real birthday next month. Oddly enough she REALLY wants another My Little Pony playset šŸ˜›
She really loves the Frog and Toad books. She read all of her new books (about 12?) within a half hour šŸ˜€

Allan got her some snowboarding pants and gloves. We still need to get her a jacket but we have plenty of time until the winter!
She LOVES her new gear. She’s going snowboarding with Allan for the first time this year and can’t wait!

One thought on “Birthday Presents!

  • I miss her so much that I am bawling reading this. I just knew when I kissed her fussy little head many years ago that I would have to cherish that moment. When times are like this I just remember the prayer I whispered in her ear…”always, always know, whether I am near or far, how much I love you…”

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