Yesterday evening just as I was about to start dinner I heard the pattering of rain outside my window. I jumped up and ran to the window to see if it could really be true. Is it really raining??

And it was! And I squealed and all three kids looked at me and Brooklyn called out, “What is it?!” And I said, “It’s raining! It’s raining!” And the girls jumped up and sprinted for their shoes and Payson jumped up and looked from face to face like, “What the heck is going on!??! It looks exciting!!”

And I said, “Payson, want to go outside??” And he ran for his shoes screaming happily along the way, “Outside!! Shoes! Shoes! Outside!!”

And we ran out the door and the girls went straight for the wet street and Payson ran a few feet and then stopped suddenly and squinted his eyes and looked around… trying to figure out if there was a hose being sprayed at him. He looked at his sisters to me and then back at his sisters. Seeing them sprinting around, screeching with happiness he abandoned trying to figure anything out and ran for the puddles.

Being outside in the pouring rain with super warm temperatures is such a neat experience!

I snapped a couple quick pictures and then put my camera in the house and ran around with the kids.

After getting completely soaked for twenty minutes or so I went in for Brooklyn’s umbrella and came out to take some more pictures because my gosh the kids playing in the rain is the coolest thing ever!

The street water drained right into the desert. The kids had a blast letting their toys float down the temporary river. Sierra ended up losing her toy but she didn’t even care because the half hour they’d spent playing the game was worth it. lol

Payson had eaten a chocolate snack bar before playing in the rain and when we eventually went inside I noticed that his previously dirty face (shown below) was clean!

I decided to put my camera away but took these last few pictures of all three kids together first.

Rain, rain, don’t ever go away!

6 thoughts on “Monsoon

  • What fun! I had to smile because we did this exact same thing last weekend. But I wasn't as brave as you with my camera, and I really regret not getting it out. Fun times!

    And you are so right, there's something really neat about rain in warm weather. πŸ™‚

  • That looks like so much fun!!! I'd let my kids do that except our rain is almost always accompanied by thunder and lightening. We've had SO much of it here in Chicago it's crazy!

  • Summer rains are some of my favorite childhood memories! And now with the kids, that feeling is always still there so I felt your excitement in this post. You're pictures are great!

  • I love the shape of Payson's little head, the glee in their faces, and that you can actually see the droplets coming down! Must be a camera setting I am unsure of?? Missing you soooo much these days. Summer makes me melancholy for my AZ. kid, g'kids and son-in-law. need to plan a trip down there. milo & i are kinda throwing around the idea of coming in early dec. to celebrate it with your family. of course, as with all plans, it depends upon the amount of money we have!!

  • What a beautiful post, loved the pics and of course the fact that they had a blast in the rain! We get a thunderstorm pretty much every week here in the summer, so we take rain for granted πŸ™ You've inpired me to go outside and enjoy the water.

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