Child-Made Clay Necklaces

This week I’ve slowed down a lot. Baby girl #3 is starting to take a toll on my energy levels and suddenly one craft a day or one fun activity a day seems like more than enough for me!

Today the kids made necklaces out of polymer clay. I didn’t particularly like the stuff but the kids were in heaven.

I got the idea to make necklaces from here. They stamped theirs but we don’t own stamps so the girls just decorated them with more clay.

They’re really happy to wear their own creations 🙂

While I was taking those pictures the girls noticed a bunch of birds in our yard and went to watch them.

There was a cute little baby bird and a bigger bird. The girls said they were mommy and baby. The baby bird was watching the mama closely and the mama was moving her beak up and down and the girls thought the mama was talking to the baby 🙂

Payson woke up from his nap kinda late today. He was excited when we put his necklace on him.

Not that you can tell from these pictures. He was still groggy and really only wanted food, not pictures!

In this picture he was telling Brooklyn to get away. He doesn’t like when the girls hug him a lot.

He had some leftover bacon and was a happy kid.

One thought on “Child-Made Clay Necklaces

  • he is such a cutie…his little chipmunk cheeks & eyes remind of yours when you were a baby. he looks so cute. i especially like the one of him pushing brooklyn away because they both have such cute looks on their faces and their skin looks translucent even!! i can't get over how different all the kids look from each other but you can still tell they are related!! <3

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