Kids are Destructive

I spent my entire day working my butt off. Cleaning and organizing and then teaching the girls.

Around 2pm I decided I really needed to make some calls and find an endodontist so I gave the girls a snack at the kitchen table.

I told them to not open the baby gates at all or they’d get a timeout.

I shut the baby gates and gave Payson a box of toys to play with.

I sat down for five minutes to google enododontists nearby.

I hear the kids getting loud and get up to go check on them.

The girls are in Brooklyn’s room.

The baby gate is left wide open.

Payson is at the table.

My first emotion is anger at Brooklyn for leaving the gate open when I specifically told her not to open it (I told her I’d open it for them, just call me over but does she? NO) and my second emotion is frustration because I’m guessing Payson’s eaten the girls’ rolls and will have massive diarrhea tomorrow.

I have reached the table and see this:
I am pissed at the girls for leaving the baby gate open. I’m irritated with Payson for being so dang pleased with himself over his mess. He honestly LOVES destroying stuff. It drives me crazy!

I stupidly grab my camera off the counter and take those pictures. While taking that second one above Payson runs off and dives onto the couch.

Making another mess.

I wipe Payson’s face and hands and take off his shirt and glance up and notice that my TV is covered in crayon.

My TV is covered in crayon!!

I take Payson to his room for a timeout.

I send the girls to their own rooms for a timeout for the baby gate being left open.

I go back in and stare at the TV wondering how the heck to get crayon off a flatscreen.

I google how to get crayon off TV.

Warmed peanut oil, huh?

I sure as heck don’t have peanut oil in my house.

Peanut butter might work?

I try it out and lo and behold the crayon comes right off!

As I’m finishing cleaning the peanut butter off the TV I notice crayon on the wall. I take a quick look around the room and notice my couch is covered in crayon as well.

My anger level is at high and I’m glad the kids are out of the room or else I’d probably start yelling. I’m not a yeller but oh my he– do I feel like yelling right now!!

I sit and consider going to the store for magic erasers. I envision our paint running off the walls as the magic erasers tend to take paint off along with the crayon.

I walk into the kitchen and notice crayon all over the tile floor!!!

I am pissed but moreso confused at how the heck Payson did so much freaking damage is so little time!! I’d heard the girls in the kitchen about two minutes before getting up to check on them! Honestly Payson must have intentionally taken a crayon and RAN around the room coloring on stuff! (Wouldn’t be the first time he has destroyed with intent!)

I should add in here that every crayon we own has a new home in the trash can right now.

I should add that the girls colored this morning and before Payson got up from his nap I had them put the crayons away and I put the crayons on top of the armoir. One crayon must’ve been left behind.

It only takes one crayon!

I got my steam mop out of the pantry and cleaned the tile. Steam mops get crayon right off tile.

I glance at the wall and at the steam mop and wonder…

Steam mops clean crayon off walls!

I don’t stop to think about what I’m about to do… I use the steam mop on the couch. It works! I open the sliding glass door and shut the screen to let the room air out a bit. Everything will be totally dry in about one minute, thanks Arizona heat.

I eventually get all three kids out of their rooms and consider going to the store and buying myself a pint of ice cream and eating it right in front of them.

Instead I do the dishes.

Being a mom sucks sometimes.

7 thoughts on “Kids are Destructive

  • i feel for you! with my two youngest it was usually bubble bath, shampoo, or soap. it was amazing how they could destroy so much in so little amount of time. i should have had stock with the company! i've had my share of crayon mishaps too. i would have chucked the bucket of crayons as well. take a deep breath and reward yourself for not going over the edge. enjoy the icecream…you deserve it!

  • Wow. That does suck! I'm sorry you had a cruddy day there for awhile. I hope you were able to treat yourself later somehow. And I'm glad you got things cleaned so easily! Sounds like I might need to invest in a steam mop. What kind do you have? Hugs, girl. You are an amazing mom, even if you have moments when you don't feel like it.

  • Oh geez, sounds like a rough time. I've had those days where everytime you turn around there is another mess to clean up. Hang in there. Hugs to you.

  • Holy Cow! You are the picture of patience. I don't think I would have been able to keep my cool… and it seems like if the whole “mom” thing doesn't work out you could write a newspaper column about how to clean things. Ha!

  • Oh this brings back so many memories! I remember my son going through the house with the crayons the same week we were trying to sell our previous house and Megan was a baby. And Oh my the messes they made! I can not count the number of times I said “This too shall soon pass” And it did, but when it was happening I thought I would put in for my nervous breakdown–just for the break. But even though the messes were Awful I would love to have those cuddly days back. Now my son is 9 and almost as tall as me and has outgrown those messy toddler years. I will have to see what pictures I have from those days and put together a post on them..

    So sorry you had such an awful, awful day. I really hope you get a nice break today. Even if you have to declair it a movie day:) Oh also I hope Payson tummy is okay.

  • Girl, you have much more patience than I! As much as I hate to admit it, I AM am yeller, and have yelled at my kids for much much smaller offenses. Many many many kudos to you for keeping your cool, getting it cleaned up, and being Super Mom. Graham is starting to become Mr. Destructo himself, and I am not looking forward to what is to come with him.

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