You Can Dance Dance

Yes my cruel son jabbed me in the face again and cut my nose with his newly-trimmed-but-still-dagger-like nails. Looks looooovely doesn’t it? No? 🙁

Movie movie movie.

It was fun. I was hungry. The kids wore their flag shirts for the second day in a row. The shirts were still clean.

When we got home after a couple of errands the girls wanted to have quiet time.

So I got an entire hour of time to myself!!

5 thoughts on “You Can Dance Dance

  • Love the vidoes!!! I know you are going to cherish these sooo very much in the years to come! I wish I would have used my video camera more when my children were the age of Payson. Always loved hearing my children talk with their paci's. Your children are precious!

    I was wondering…What camera do you use for your video's and what software to edit? I got the Canon T1i this year and love that's it's small and light and does video so I take it everywhere. Before I had the 40D with the 24-70L and it was awful to carry places. I'm not sure how to edit the videos when I'm finished.

    I love your blog. It's so cool that you are so open and outgoing. And made the videos regardless of what those around you were thinking of you. I MUST bring myself to be more like this:)
    Oh and I too think Arizona is beautiful and love seeing the pictures you share of it. We flew to Phoenix the Summer of 2000 and it was hot but dry. Here is it HOT and Humid so it's miserable and sticky. Love there there is so much gravel and rock instead of battling a lawn. I would Love to live there but have not convinced the family to follow:)

  • Ariana, you are such an inspiration, wish we lived closer as I am starting homeschooling my three girls in the fall and feeling a little isolated right now. I know I'll meet people, but with 3 girls, i think I will be plenty busy. I love your videos, thanks for sharing your life. I am using Sonlight in the Fall, so excited! Do you use that as well?

  • I LOVE MOVIE MONDAY!!! 🙂 This video was SO MUCH fun to watch!!! 🙂 I know you already have one question about what camera you are using to video and edit and all that, so add mine to the list! Also, once you are done editing the video…do you save it to a dvd or something that you can watch on tv? Just curious how you are storing all these little treasures!! 🙂

    I seriously loved watching the whole thing!! I have tons of favorite parts, but I think the absolute BEST is you dancing by the car window!!!! LOVE! You are so fun and I really wish we lived closer to each other! 😉

  • April, it's funny you mention being open and outgoing because I'm not naturally outgoing in the slightest. I feel embarrassed when people watch me video tape myself. I even feel embarrassed when people watch me take pictures!

    The camera I use is a super cheap point and shoot, Canon powershot A720 IS. I use windows movie maker to edit the videos. I felt completely overwhelmed the very first time I sat down to upload and edit digital movie clips! Luckily windows movie maker is super easy to use. The annoying part is how long it takes to upload the videos to youtube!

    Luke, I know, I know, I need to make one. As soon as all the cuts on my face from Payson are gone I'll get on it! lol

    Melissa, once in a while I feel isolated, too. I've found that the more kids I have the less time I have to put into building my own friendships with new acquintances. All the friends I have are friends I've had for years.

    We use a huge mix for curriculum but Sonlight is a big part of it, yes!

    Mindy, I want to save them to DVDs but I can't figure out how! I've bought several types of DVDs after talking with people at electronics stores and am sure I'm doing something wrong because none of the ones I make work on my TV 🙁
    For now I save the clips to an external harddrive and we watch them on the computer.
    I'm glad you liked the dancing part, I felt silly adding it but figured editing it out wasn't very “real.” lol

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