A Little Bit of Change

I’m having my fourth child at 27 years old. If you would’ve asked me as a teen when I’d be having my first child it’d be around 27. Haha, jokes on teenage me!

The idea of my entire 20s spent being a mommy had me a little freaking out today so I decided I needed to do something for a change.

Can you tell by this next picture?
No I didn’t murder someone in my tub, but close!

Well not close at all actually.
I dyed my hair!
And guess who else dyed her hair? My good blog-friend, Jordan! She’s going from dark brown to BLOND! Check her blog out, sometime today she’s going to post about it!

I picked out a mellow reddish-brown color.
Here’s the before:

And the after:

The color looks pretty much the same to me. I kind of regret dying my hair because now my hair is the texture of straw.

But that’s ok because it’s just hair. Who cares about hair? I’ve already had my entire body destroyed by having children, why not ruin my hair too!?

Yay for straw hair!

Yay for awkward pictures of me and Allan looking at each other!

So yep, dyed my hair.

10 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Change

  • Its subtle but looks really pretty on you, Ariana! I used to dye my hair all the time going back and forth between ultra blonde highlights and dark, dark brown, but quit a little over a yr and a half ago because of the straw thing. The best conditioner for colored hair I ever tried was a brand called Pureology. I think it really helped with the condition. You look great though!

  • I just had the same realization that I spent my entire twenties having babies too! But I'm ok with it, because I was never a big wild oat sower if you will. I think about how little energy I have, and wonder how women 10-20 years older than me do it. It's hard to color dark hair at home and have it look drastically different. I think it looks great though. Most at home dyes come with deep conditioners, so keep up with that and the straw texture should get better! Love it!

  • I followed the link from jordan's blog…I love the color change, You look great!! There's a GREAT sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for colored hair by Kenra called Kenra Platnum. A little pricey but worth every penny! It helps keep your color longer and doesn't dry out your hair…AWESOME!!!!

  • I didn't notice the difference until I saw the before picture…and I absolutely love the afters!! It's a really, really good color on you. I don't think I could pull that one off as well! :c)

  • love it, i tried to dye mine yesterday, purple streaks again, but i couldn't ever get it bleached down enough 🙁


  • I just did red lowlights in my hair for the first time. I couldn't bring myself to to the full dye. I think the color looks real nice.

  • You are SO MUCH FUN! I love listening to your voice in my head while I read your blog! lol! I just love your personality and the way you express things! Your blog always puts a smile on my face! Aside from that, your hair looks gorgeous! It sure doesn't look like straw! I think that color is beautiful on you too!!!

  • I LOVE your hair!! I wish my husband would let me do mine that color. He is so funny about MY hair. When I met him I had just died it red, like really red, it took forever to get it out. So he is scared of red. But, I love it.

  • Thank you for the conditioner recommendations! I have no idea what to use and typically stick with plain old pantene.

    And thanks for the compliments everyone. The color has grown on me and I'm getting used to the yucky texture, too. It's long enough that the texture doesn't make quite as much as an impact!

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