Responding to Comments Again :-)

Kathryn said…
Hang in there, girl. No one ever said parenting was easy. Kids can be tough. They are trying to figure out how they want to live and be and they push our limits on a daily basis. Just be consistent in your rules and your love and they will turn out fine. And don’t be afraid to blog about the fact that you had a hard day. We all do! We don’t need all the details, just saying that the kids were really pushing all your buttons is enough sometimes. And please, try to make time for yourself. I’m sure your husband will understand and help you do that. He seems like a pretty good guy. Hugs. I’m sure the pregnancy hormones don’t help, either! Again, hang in there!

Pregnancy hormones don’t help, you’re right! The last time I was pregnant I decided I wasn’t going to homeschool and basically everything else in my life felt like it was falling apart. lol
I do need to make time for myself. Allan’s been working late lately because of a huge work project so it’s been impossible but hopefully things slow down for him and I’m able to go out once in a while again.

My Family My Forever said…
Just wanted to say I can so relate to so much that you post, your feelings as a mom in general, and especially a homeschool mom.
You aren’t alone! It’s so comforting to find others through blogging who are struggling with the same things as myself every day!
Thank you!

It always feels better not being alone in these struggles, doesn’t it? Once in a while I read something a mom vents about one of her kids and laugh because I’m so relieved that my children aren’t the only ones who seem certifiably crazy at times.

Merilee said…
I admire you for keepimg the frustrations in until the kids are in bed. That is a very hard thing to do! I’m still working on that. I get what you are saying about your families privacy, I often struggle with what is and isn’t ok to share on my blog too. I think you are right to use discretion for Brooklyn’s sake. But sometimes you just need to vent and that’s ok! πŸ™‚ She seems like she is a great “high passion” girl. I think you are doing an excellent job as her Mommy. Hang in there!

Definitely high passion. She makes the world seem like Disneyland when she’s in a good mood πŸ™‚

Elle said…
as the quiet and reserved child in my family, I can tell you from my experiences anyway the loud defiant and fiery personality, Brooklyn seems to have (which reminds me of my older sister!) will most likely bide her very well in the real world, no one is going to push that girl around! It’s great she has such passion, though I know how frustrating it can be.

The thought of that has always brought me a LOT of happiness. I read about it the first time in the book The Difficult Child and think about it often. I’m glad to hear that your older sister does well and you don’t seem like you were lost in the shuffle so that makes me feel good, too πŸ™‚

Michelle said…
I have to fully agree with what everyone said. I am sure being pregnant makes you even more tired anyway and you still do school with them. One reason I could personally never homeschool is all the time is spent with them, not one little break, you know after the fact that I am a horrible teacher anyway.

And where do you get those decals?! My favorite room at the kids’ pediatricians office has those EXACT same ones and I want them for my daughter’s room. My sister-in-law who works there always puts me in that room when we have an appointment and I asked her… but she wasn’t able to get information on them.
The decals are from Target. Only $14.99! They’re in the kids’ bedding aisle.

Sarah said…
These are great comments. Parenting is hard, and the ability to keep it all inside until they are in bed amazes me! I haven’t been able to do that yet. I also think giving your family their personal space online is a great idea. Who knows, someday B might read your blog and you are smart to keep that in mind!

Thanks. I think of either her coming across old archives or worse her friends or coworkers or something!

Brooke said…
Sometimes I think that blogging about something makes me “focus” on it more. For instance, I was blogging about my son’s vocabulary and suddenly I started noticing all kinds of new words and was really focused on keeping track of them so I could blog about them. Perhaps, if you set the limit to not blog about Brooklyn’s behavior, it will help you to stop thinking about it as much. I don’t know if that makes any sense at all…LOL!

I agree! I try not to spend too much time thinking about it. In fact even venting or complaining about it to my real life friends or to Allan makes me feel like it’s bigger than it is. Not to say the struggles aren’t big (because they can feel enormous!) but dwelling on them instead of just shrugging it off and moving on makes them even worse!

Liberty said…
I also understand completely what you are going through — I have a five year old who has a fiery, energetic, stubborn, independant, intellegent, emotional and really strong personality. When all of that comes out at once (which it does, a lot) it can be so very challenging! I often find myself wondering how I created this being, where I turned a corner in my parenting and then I realize that it is just who she is. I am trying to learn to embrace it, gently mold when I can, tolerate as much as I can and most importantly… take a break once in a while. I do worry as a homeschooling mom that this will be tough. But, to re-energize nsometimes- helps.

I find it comforting to know that others are out there with the same kinds of children making it through, enjoying homeschooling still and embracing their family life. The other day you shared a video on how most activities end with your little one and I sighed thinking wow… I am not alone. We can have amazing days and experiences for it all to end in a melt down – for really no reason. πŸ™

((hugs)) to you for making it through with smiles, tears and patience! It takes all sides of a mom (and dad) to help these little people become the amazing people they will be.
I think that’s the hardest part for me right there! Having such a great time and it always ending in a fit! It’s funny having a child like this when you may be a very mellow, easy going person isn’t it? I do think raising Brooklyn has been good for me. It’s made me a lot more compassionate to all personality types, a lot more understanding of all personality types and mostly has helped me to really develop my patience!

Leah said…
I love love love love LOVE Brooklyn’s bedroom, the owl, the colours, the bedding everything. πŸ™‚ x

I really appreciate you saying that because I don’t have any natural ability for decorating and feel like a fish out of water shopping for stuff like that! And then getting home and having to set things up! Ack!

Crystal said…
I can relate, I can relate, I can relate. You’re a great Mommy. Hang in there and do your best, smile, enjoy the journey because it will end and we’ll miss them….these are the things I tell myself when I feel like strangling one of them. Great post.

I feel like I already miss it! Do you ever feel that way? Yesterday in particular I was trying to enjoy the VERY little things. Like stop and just sit and watch the kids play together. Or watch the way Brooklyn’s mouth opens and closes while she draws/writes. Little things like that. It’s hard when there are a million things going through your mind that need to get done.

So from now on I think I will respond to comments in the comments section. There are a few things I wish I could change about the comments section on blogger but I can’t so I’ll just deal with it the way it is πŸ˜›
So if you comment from now on and wonder if I responded you’ll have to go back and check that post’s comment section. Not convenient, I know πŸ™

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  • Just wanted to say that I've been there. Sometimes I want to drop my kids off for the day (or week) so I can recoup. And I am going to have to try boxing up the kids' toys one of these days, great idea.

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