Two Silly Siblings

Brooklyn and Payson have such a unique relationship. It’s hard to describe but they just “click.” I didn’t know what kind of relationship they’d have with an almost 5 year age gap between them but turns out they’re great friends. They don’t play together as much as Brooklyn and Sierra play together but they definitely adore each other.

They have their moments of “hating” each other, sure. But when they’re playing nicely together, it’s crazy joyful around here 🙂

Both of them were thrilled at the discovery that Payson understands piggy back rides and holds on tight enough for it to be safe… and therefore allowed by mommy 😉

They were both laughing and laughing and having the best time.

It was so cute that after snapping all these pictures I got the video camera out to record it. I’ll have to upload that video when I have more time.

More Diarrhea Please

That Payson just doesn’t understand that those yummy, forbidden foods are causing that yucky diarrhea.

It’ll probably be at least another year before he’s able to understand that so in the meantime I get to be the bad guy and take away his found prizes, like the girls’ lid to their shake from earlier today. He retrieved this treasure from the school room garbage. I told the girls to throw it away but didn’t specify the kitchen so I suppose it’s my fault 😛
But really he wasn’t licking the lid during these pictures, just being silly and putting it on his face 🙂

Give that Elephant Nose Kisses

I have an old booster chair that Sierra used to use set off in the corner of the school room. Not for any reason other than to get it out of the way.

Payson loves to go over there and sit with his elephant and just rub his nose and stare off into space. It is the cutest, sweetest thing.

He noticed me taking pictures and asked, “Me see?” and after I showed him the picture on the back of my camera he wanted elephant to have a turn. He sat elephant down in the chair and I took a few pictures and Payson was so super happy to see them.

I started to walk away and he immediately went back to his nose rubbing, thinking mode.

I don’t think it’s possible to love a child any more than I love this child. My gosh he melts my heart.

Two Little Girls Mail a Letter

The girls and I were looking through all the birthday cards they’ve received from their great grandma (Allan’s mom’s mom) and decided they wanted to draw a picture for her and mail it off today.

They drew flowers and rainbows and smiling faces and wrote their names on an envelope, added a stamp and then off to the mailboxes we went. (I added the addresses since Mr. Postman probably wouldn’t be able to read the girls’ writing. lol)

Even with Brooklyn’s help Sierra wasn’t quite big enough so I lifted her up to the mail slot.
And then Brooklyn (my big girl, *sniff*) put her letter in.

Brooklyn told me she missed her letter after she dropped it in but she was happy she got to send something to grandma.

I got the girls an oreo shake from Jack in the Box and when we got home they ran to hide it from Payson (he’s allergic to dairy, don’t worry he got a small fries for a treat).

Brooklyn has always pronounced oreo “oro” no matter how many times we correct her. It makes me giggle to hear it 😀
Oh and grandma D, you’re getting a letter, too!

Accident Prone Accurately Describes Her

Today I told Sierra that she should sit for a few minutes in between bandaid changes to let her thumb air out.
You know how cuts don’t heal as fast when they’re bandaged up really well?

Brooklyn seeing the camera out had to jump in and ham it up.

Then five minutes later Sierra decided to mess with her thumb and made it bleed 😛

After lunch earlier today, which neither girl finished, I heard the water running in the bathroom and came in to see the girls brushing their teeth. Seemingly a good thing, right?
No! They’re not allowed to brush their own teeth anymore because they smear toothpaste and soap all over the counters and mirrors when they’re left alone in there!

Right now the girls are laughing hysterically over Brooklyn adding turds to her drawing. I’m hearing these kind of lovely statements:
“There’s a turd on your face!”
“There’s a turd in your mouth!”
“You’re eating a turd!!”
“Look at all the turds, they come from each place, from every corner, then they come up your legs and go in your mouth and meet each other.”
All followed by lots of laughing.

So weird. Luckily this is the first time she’s ever drawn turds or heck even really talked about turds.

Because it was so random and silly I snapped a couple pictures just now. The dots are the turds, of course.

And while editing those pictures Brooklyn decided to color all over Sierra’s nose and hand. >:-(
Brooklyn’s in timeout now.
Sierra thinks it’s hilarious.

Working Hard and Having Fun

Today was like any other day but I was in a fantastic mood for some reason. I feel like last week my hormones went nuts and I couldn’t handle anything and now I feel back to my normal, happy self and it’s amazing!
It’s crazy weird that that happened. Must’ve been random, weird pregnancy hormone changes.
There wasn’t anything at all that changed in my life or routine as far as eating, sleeping, responsibilities, or anything like that. It’s all the same but today was awesome, and nothing expectional happened- just the ordinary.

Ordinary was heavenly today.

I spent the first three hours I was up cleaning like crazy. I actually found it slightly amusing how much my hips hurt just cleaning my house. I’m just glad I had NO heartburn today!! For the first time in 7 months!

The kids all played nicely all morning. Seriously, they all played nicely all morning.

At one point I thought that I should probably pull out my camera and take a picture of something. I figured this picture would be the only one I took today because I just wasn’t in a picture-taking mood.

But then Payson and I were having a great time while eating and I decided I just had to snap a picture of him, too.

He was laughing his head off at me throughout the entire meal.

I wasn’t even doing anything that funny, but then again I make Payson laugh all the time. He really loves his mama 🙂
Whew, major Braxton Hicks contraction as I’m typing just now. I wish I didn’t get those until the last two weeks or so of pregnancy!

After Payson finished eating (the girls ate before him) we went outside to play in the water.

Brooklyn has been wonderful this week. She’s been helpful and obedient and sweet to her siblings and I am really liking it!

After playing outside I rinsed the kids off in my bathroom. Sierra grabbed my razor while in the shower and got a pretty bad cut (x3) on her thumb 🙁

And by pretty bad I don’t mean all that bad but worse than a typical little kid cut, you know?

After getting the kids dressed we went into the school room for some cutting and gluing and coloring fun.

Brooklyn is in love with her shirt. She asked me to take this picture so that she could have a picture of her shirt. After I took it and showed her on the back of the camera she had me take two more because she wanted the cat to show better. lol!

And to my surprise Sierra ran over and begged me to take a picture of them all together!

They cut and glued for quite a while. I bought this giant pad of plain paper a couple weeks ago and they are loving having such a huge space to make pictures on.

Payson did color and cut and glue, too, I just didn’t take any pictures of it.
Speaking of Payson and glue… Payson thinks glue is chapstick; he smears it on his lips every time we use it even though I show him what it’s for and he also seems to understand that. Funny kid.

Just How it Goes

There are days where I hate almost every single thing about being a mom. Just yesterday, actually, I had such a bad day. I was just so moody and not wanting to do all the million little things I had to. Dishes, laundry, changing diapers, oh gosh… on and on.

And then sometimes when things get the very hardest and I have actual thoughts of, “I really can’t do this for another day” things suddenly seem like not a big deal.

Today started out exactly like every other day but when things got crazy (like they do every single day) I felt more amused by them than annoyed by them. Maybe things are getting so nuts around here with being hugely pregnant and homeschooling and being stuck inside so much that I’ve finally snapped and gone crazy? lol

The girls were coloring a lot this morning. Since there have been so many coloring on the furniture/walls/floors episodes in our house I now sit with them the entire time they color. I’m bored out of my mind during this but I figure it’s better than having to clean crayon messes!

Payson was playing with his cars and trucks.

Brooklyn made this sign to hang on the bathroom door:
Two funny things about that photo… 1) Brooklyn was actually smiling at first and I said, “Hey, you have to do a ‘keep out Payson’ face!” 2) She’d made a sign exactly like it yesterday and Payson ruined it! lol

So as happens a lot every day, Payson pooped and I dragged myself over to the diaper changing counter…

I think I’ve mentioned before how awful it is to change Payson. Every time, every time, he kicks me, he SCREAMS, he arches his back and rolls around and grabs at his diaper and basically has a complete meltdown/tantrum. It is torture! I HATE changing his diaper! He’s been like this his entire life and it’s just plain miserable for me.

I set Payson down after he was cleaned up and went to wash my hands. And he went straight for the girls’ crayons.
So the lesson is, you should put all the crayons away and up out of reach during diaper changes. That or don’t wash your hands afterwards so you can go straight back into the room and make sure your son doesn’t destroy more furniture.

I put Payson in his highchair with some rice chex with sliced bananas so I could clean up.

And I brought out my lovely steam mop. It’s shark brand (I was asked about that last time) but I’m not sure what model or anything like that.

I tried to get some older pencil drawings off one of the walls but it didn’t work. Any tips for how to get pencil off the wall? Should I just try erasing it? I need to buy a bigger eraser!

And while I’m cleaning Payson’s color fest up what is he doing?

Oh yes, of course, dumping out his cereal and rice milk and smearing it all over his tray and splashing it in.

He was quite the sticky mess…

So I dry him off and get him dressed and he goes straight for my shoes.

He was thrilled and was hopping around saying, “Mama’s shoes! Mama’s shoes!”

Since the steam mop was all warmed up from cleaning the crayon I used it on the spilled rice milk.

I kept Payson in the kitchen with me so I could keep an eye on the destroyer!

After cleaning up the rice milk I had to sweep because when you have little kids you have to sweep after every stinking meal.
Well, or not sweep and just have dirty floors.
And while sweeping I noticed the floor was still super sticky from the rice milk so I went and got some water and floor cleaner. I needed to mop anyway.

Payson, meanwhile, was getting into the dirty clothes (soaked with rice milk) and after trying them on he threw them all on the floor. Why would we keep them on the counter? That’s just craziness! Everything belongs on the floor!

Because I’m lazy 30 weeks pregnant, I dumped a water/floor cleaner mix on the floor…

And “skated” around on towels to clean it up. It worked REALLY well and this is how I will mop my floors from now until October! lol

Payson gave it a try and had a blast.

Then he helped me wash all the many, many towels we used today to clean.
After that I put Payson to bed for a nap and the girls and I worked on a bunch of school stuff until around noon when I had to get everyone ready to go to my OB appointment.

On the way to my OB appointment the gas light came on. Which was actually ok since I was 25 minutes early and had plenty of time to stop at the gas station.
I drank my glucose “juice” on the drive to the OB’s office since today was my gestational diabetes test. I hate that sugar mix! BLEH

The kids played with their new sticker books.

Which were a HUGE hit! All three kids LOVE sticker books and played with them happily the entire time.

I sat and waited, feeling surprised and relieved when my kids acted like angels the whole time.

I got poked quite a few times because the phlebotomist was gone and the nurses had a heck of a time trying to find a good vein. I have the smallest veins ever and no matter where I go it’s a struggle to get blood taken. This time two of my veins burst. It didn’t really hurt, though. And even if it did I don’t really care about pain like that since being a mom… I mean, as long as my kids aren’t screaming you can do what you want to me! lol

Payson was in SUCH a good mood! In the middle picture below he noticed the baby on the birth diagram on the wall and was pretty excited. He still has no idea whatsoever that he’s getting a baby sister in a couple months but he sure does love babies.

The last picture(s) I took today was of this rice milk box I dropped after coming home. Even mommy’s make messes sometimes, I guess 😛

So Long Summer Movie Program

It was fun while it lasted! Today we saw our last summer movie. There is one more next week and we do have tickets for it (we bought all 10 movies at the beginning of the summer) but I absolutely hate the muppets and so do the kids (thankfully!) so we’re skipping it!
We also, unfortunately, missed last week since I had my root canal that morning.

But, $50* (oops, I meant $21 for the movies only!) for 8 movies and something to look forward to during the 100+ degree stuck-in-the-house days was awesome!

My kids did NOT want a picture taken today. I usually won’t take a picture if they really don’t want me to but since this was the last movie and I’ve taken pictures at each other one I figured I’d snap one anyway!

And just for fun I put together a storyboard of all the pictures. I love seeing them together like this. Crazy that this was 9 weeks worth of summer!!!
*The movies were actually only $21 total, not $50! $7 each for me and the girls. (Payson was free!)
I also bought a pack of ten kids’ combo meals for $36. So I spent $50ish total but the movies themselves are only $21.
Not that anyone really cares but I figured I should explain it correctly. lol!

Rainbow in the Rain

Allan got home from the lake this afternoon and a few minutes later it started raining. We all grabbed our shoes and ran outside.

There was a beautiful double rainbow (I only got a picture when one was showing) and the temperature dropped right away and oh my gosh it was all so heavenly. I think we played outside for close to 3 hours!

Dangerous Meal

Sierra got her cheek burned today during lunchtime. She was looking at our fresh-out-of-the-oven english muffin pizzas a little too closely.

I’ve been meaning to try out these english muffin pizzas for long time.

The girls really liked making them.

Ready for the oven.

So they came out of the oven and poor Sierra leaned in close to look at them and her face touched the side of the hot cookie sheet 🙁

She wanted to eat before putting some cold water on it.

A couple minutes later I had her sit with an ice water soaked rag (actually an old cloth diaper, ha) on her face.

While I was taking that picture of Sierra, Brooklyn was begging me to take a picture of her.

I added more cold water to the rag after a minute and had her sit just a couple minutes longer.

Meanwhile Payson was still pissed in his highchair. Pissed over what? Well, he wanted those pizzas and NOT the leftover pot roast I gave him. I try to give him most of his meals when the girls aren’t around since they don’t eat the same things and it makes Payson mad.

He did use his pot roast to cover his highchair tray and hair with.

Realizing Payson wasn’t going to touch his food I made a quick trip to Walgreen’s for some burn ointment. I hope since it’s such a mild burn it doesn’t leave a scar!