This is the Good Life

Today we went and saw Ice Age. The girls laughed and laughed during the movie and Payson would look at his sisters laughing and then at everyone in the theater laughing and then burst out in this cute, loud laugh and everyone near us would look at him and smile and laugh more. It was so fun!

After the movie we stayed in the theater until the employees came to clean. The kids danced to the funky music and when we left the halls were totally empty. Nice!

We went to Target before we headed home. When we got in the car after I felt like I was melting and Payson whined very loudly the whole way home. It wasn’t the most pleasant 30 minutes but boy did it make pulling into the garage a wonderful experience! Home, where there is a bottle and a nap awaiting baby boy!

This time Brooklyn begged me to take another picture because “her balloon wasn’t in the picture!!” (Her balloon? Um, since when?? lol)
And now I really have to hurry back to the school table and work with the girls. They’ve hounded me nonstop during this 15 minute blogging break for more help with their work. The usual around here 🙂

Happy 2nd Birthday, Payson!

I’ve thought about Payson’s birthday lots of times during the past two months or so. I debated doing something really cool for his birthday. And then sometimes I thought maybe we’ll just keep it super simple with cake and presents.

I was still debating this this past Friday when I suddenly realized that his birthday wasn’t just coming up soon, it was Sunday!! I didn’t realize it would get here so fast!! So a super simple birthday it was!

In the morning the girls watched a movie while Allan painted and I took Payson to the store for a balloon and a few other things. He was really happy about getting a balloon. He walked proudly through the store with it, holding it up to people we passed, “moon! moon!” and they’d smile and nod. He spent so much time looking up at the balloon floating above his head that he almost ran into things several times. I had to steer him around. lol

When we got home I went and wrapped his presents while Allan played with all three kids in the other room.
We put a present in front of him and he just looked at the wrapping paper (that he picked out!) and didn’t realize he could open it until we pulled a part of the paper away and he caught a glimpse of the toy inside. At that point he was all about tearing the paper away!

Besides cars and balls and the typical boy stuff he is really into puzzles right now. He loves anything with pieces to be put together.

I also got him several books because he’s also really into books. He will sit and listen to me read books over and over. I got him some touch and feel books and some books with hand puppets, he was really excited about those!

We taught him to say “two” and hold up two fingers. He loves to shout out two but hasn’t quite gotten how to hold up only two fingers.

We went outside for a water fight next.

How old are you?


After the water fight we came in for cake! (Gluten and dairy free but tasty!)

And after cake we had a BBQ. Don’t ask me why we did the cake first!

And then yesterday after church I tried to get some pictures with the little birthday boy. He loves doing this but never smiles at the camera!

Starting Our Under the Sea Homeschool Unit

We started learning about water today in our Sonlight Science K schedule. Fish, oceans, rivers, ponds, and stuff like that!
I made a bunch of games and activities to go along with the fishy theme.
The girls were pretty dang excited about it all, too!

I used the amazingly-awesome-best-resource-ever Superbooks for some printables and some ideas. I also came up with some of my own ideas based on what we’re working on in school this week.

All three kids dove right into all the activities.

Brooklyn said about each and every one, “This is so easy!” which was pretty cool because there were a couple of new concepts I taught her like synonyms/antonyms that I thought she might struggle with. But nope, two seconds of showing her what to do and she breezed through it all!

Sierra’s activities were all WAY too easy for her because I used the preschool book to plan hers. I need to get the kindergarten one (I don’t have it yet) because that girl is most definitely ready for kindergarten!

This was the synonym/antonym activity. Each fish (on the left) had two words and she had to put them in the right pond (just a blue sheet of paper labeled either synonym or antonym) and then color in a worksheet that went along with that.

Sierra liked the addition facts activity.
It was a bucket with a number written on it and then seashells with addition facts written on them and she had to do the addition fact and then put the shell in the right bucket. (For example the “1+3” seashell goes in the “4” bucket!)

Brooklyn almost always wants me giving her 100% attention when we do school, which is why it’s hard for me to take pictures normally, but today she did everything on her own. It was so nice not having to “hold her hand” through it all.

I put up some waves with the months of the year written on them. The girls sailed a boat across the ocean while saying the months out loud.

Sometimes in between activities the girls would go over to the table where I’d set up a bunch of stuff for Payson to do and play with that instead. Sierra really loves drawing with chalk.

This fishing game was a preschool-age activity. You catch one of the game pieces, the game pieces have a shape drawn on them, then you find a matching game piece with the number of sides that that shape has. So there would be two fish and one fish would have a square and the other fish has the number 4 written on it.

Brooklyn working on fractions while Payson helps Sierra with her counting game.

Sierra got a turn with the fishing game. It was her favorite by far, which I knew it would be 🙂

I’m posting maybe a few too many of her fishing but she was so darn cute doing it!!

Over on Payson’s table were coloring pages of the life cycle of a frog along with an envelope cut into a super simple movie reel showing the life cycle of a frog. Both girls loved this. After coloring the page and talking about the frog’s life cycle we got out our human body book and compared it to what happens with a human baby.

This game was putting together compound words. Brooklyn loved it. She wants to sit down and write her own tomorrow.

For some sensory fun I put out this glass of sand and shells for the kids to play with. This was an obvious favorite of all three kids. Payson surprisingly didn’t make a huge mess with it. Tomorrow we’ll pull this out again, on the kitchen floor though, and play.

This game was pretty simple… match the times on the analog clock with the digital clock.

I managed to snap some pictures of what Payson was doing during all of this time.
Gluing his sister’s worksheet. Coloring his sister’s other worksheet. Playing with the pattern shells. Spending about ten seconds playing with the table area I specially set up for him. Playing with puzzles. Cuddling with elephant. “Helping” his sister. Looking sheepish for licking the glue stick. Drawing with chalk. Taking parts from one activity and putting them somewhere else.

At this point I’d instructed and helped the kids out on all of the activities and they knew what to do so I sat down and drank water and watched them play. It was my favorite part just watching all the hard work of planning and copying and cutting and coloring and laminating being played with 🙂

After another twenty or thirty minutes of playing the kids decided they were ready for the art projects (I’d told them about them earlier in the day.)

This project was supposed to have paper splattered with paint covered by a fish outline but neither of my girls could figure out how to splatter the paint effectively and ended up just painting the paper.

After that I painted the girls’ feet and they stepped onto a sand colored construction paper. Then we sprayed the paper with glue and sprinkled on sand. Then the girls hot glued some shells on.

These turned out really pretty. The girls absolutely LOVE them and can’t wait to hang them on their wall tomorrow after they’re dry.

Proud of their artwork:

And this little guy was pretty darn tired at this point!

Here’s the Deal

You know Payson you’re the one who likes your bottle warmed up a bit. You’re the one who will not drink a drop of it unless it’s room temperature or warmer. So really is it necessary to scream bloody murder every single stinking time I go to heat it up for you? Really, because this is all your idea in the first place! I don’t mind chilled rice milk.

Rattlesnake Scare

Earlier this week Allan, the kids and I were hanging out in the backyard when we heard what sounded like a sprinkler turn on. It was coming from the desert on the other side of our fence.

Allan said something startling like, “Ok everyone go inside!” or something that made me realize our neighbors sprinklers were in fact not on but the sound we were hearing was a rattlesnake! I’ve never heard a rattlesnake before!

The rattlesnake was hiding in a bush a few feet away from our fence. We never got a good look at it because it didn’t come out while we were there. Allan says that snakes can’t get over our fence so that made me feel a lot better!

So today after school time the kids and I decided to go play outside since it was “only” 90 degrees out. I sat in the grass with the kids for a while and then Sierra and I went to sit on the porch swing.
Brooklyn was standing near the fence but in the grass. She was about 6 inches away from a sprinkler head when without warning the sprinklers turned on.
Brooklyn’s eyes bulged out of her head, her mouth dropped open and she jumped about a foot in the air. She started sprinting towards the porch with this look of pure terror on her face.

This all happened within a couple of seconds. She soon realized that the sound was the sprinklers (the water spraying her clued her in pretty quick) and started laughing hysterically when she reached the porch. She thought it was a rattlesnake at first! And imagine her horror at it being so close!
When she reached the porch, she and I were pretty much not breathing we were laughing so hard.

It’s a hard story to tell but it was sooo freaking funny when it happened. I, too, thought for a split second that it was a rattlesnake. We laughed so hard at her extreme reaction that I almost peed my pants!

This picture is unrelated to the story but here we are outside. This is the third day in a row I remembered to take a picture with the kids!


I spent the entire day cleaning today. I’ve had this overwhelming urge to organize and clean everything in my entire house. My pantry and closet and the laundry room cupboards are being completely rearranged. I just need things super clean right now for some reason.

I was folding laundry today and thinking to myself how I think this is way too many clothes for us to wear and wash every freaking week.
I ended up putting all of the kids’ clothes, except for three outfits, in my closet so that they can’t change their outfits ten times a day anymore. They leave their clothes all over the house and throw their clean clothes into the laundry basket! Drives me nuts, I tell you.

While I was folding laundry Payson climbed up to the table and snacked on peanuts and raisins. (All that mess behind him is our recycling)


Me and the kids.

Brooklyn begged me to retake it because her hair was in her face in the last one. I went to squat down with Payson and almost fell on my butt. So graceful.

You probably didn’t notice Payson’s footwear in those last two pictures.
He brought me those socks and shoes today and begged me to put them on him. Since he wasn’t getting out of the car when we went to do the recycling (therefore not being seen by anybody) I let him. He was so thrilled!

Oh Sierra

Sierra yelled at me today.

I think kids that yell at their moms must be very tired little kids. I told Sierra that to which she yelled that she “wasn’t tired!” which told me that she was much more tired than I thought and needed an even longer nap!

And the little girl slept for over 2 hours. I’m thinking maybe this summer Sierra needs daily naptimes. She is only 4, Brooklyn took daily naps until she was 5!

Crappy Day

I suppose it’s not fair to say it was all crappy but most of it was crappy. The only good moments were eating breakfast outside and watching Enchanted with the kids at 2pm. The rest sucked.

And sadly for no particular reason. Everything was just bugging me today. My kids splashed and screamed a lot in the tub, it took Sierra TEN minutes to get her shoes on because she’s a total turd when it comes to getting her shoes on, Brooklyn was whining like she was a 2 year old, Sierra spilled her drink, Payson found a cracker and ate it (means more diarrhea tomorrow *sigh*), I couldn’t reach Allan at work, my pelvis hurts a lot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot. Even with a fan on it’s hot. I’m dying it’s so hot. I hate that it’s so hot. So freaking hot!!!!!

See? I’m moody! lol

I said screw making dinner and got the kids McDonald’s instead. That helps because I really, really, really, really, really, really hate cooking.
I’m going to do some mad cleaning after the kids go to bed. I’m going to rearrange the furniture in the school room and hopefully tomorrow is more pleasant!