Can’t Beat the Heat

So embrace it instead!

I took the kids out this afternoon for a little water fight. I took this picture of them before they got their swimsuits on. It cracks me up that Sierra is wearing two different shoes because she couldn’t find the matches for either and is in her undies even though I told her to get pants on about five times before we went outside!

We did a little bit of the water silhouettes.

And lots of spraying each other!

It Was Good and Now We’re Home

Since we just went to the movies Saturday with Allan I wasn’t exactly in the mood to go again today. But we went anyway because the other option was to stay home and annoy each other.
The movie was the second Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was expecting to hate the movie since I hated the first Alvin and the Chipmunks but it wasn’t bad, thank goodness.

After the movie we made a quick stop at Target for some shoes for this chocolate-faced child:

And I got some new mascara and took this picture:

We came home and I let the kids watch a movie while we ate lunch and since then we’ve all been playing in the formal-dining-room-turned-play room.
It’s 3 and I’m so ready for bed. Like, really truly ready for bed. Too bad the kids won’t even start thinking about sleep for 4 hours!

Oh and this is the third video I’m posting in three days which seems crazy excessive to me. Allan and I made a goal to make a video every day this month and I think I’m actually going to keep up with it! I don’t think I’ll post any of them, though, because they are pretty long and probably aren’t very interesting to most of you.

Youtube quality is pretty crappy without upgrading so you can’t even see that cut on my nose that Payson gave me that I was talking about. It looks like a giant popped zit, though.

Oh and for those who asked I use windows movie maker to edit my videos. I think it came with our computer when we bought it and it’s super easy to use.

Responding to Comments :-)

Wanted to answer a couple of questions I never got to yet.
I also wanted to thank you guys for all the comments. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. I really need to get my butt in gear and visit more blogs and comment more, I’ve been a total slacker with it! You all motivate me with your frequent commenting!

Do you mind if I ask how long does it take to prepare these units?
The under the sea stuff took three hours to put together. The pizza activities didn’t take long at all, maybe a half hour.
I’d say on average per week I spend 5 hours planning and putting together the school stuff.

Love the Shoes and the nail polish!! What shade is that?
Thanks, the nail polish is Celeb City by Sara Hansen.

ps: There are printable coupons on right now for that kind of ice cream!

I would love to see your take on the movie photographed with the children. Kinda like the Wizard of Oz pic that used to be your header! 🙂
Uh oh, don’t tempt me! I’ve toyed with that idea a bit. Maybe I’ll do Brooklyn’s birthday in an Alice in Wonderland theme!

-Alice In Wonderland has always freaked me out a little…so we haven’t seen it yet. LOL Maybe I need to give the new version of the movie a chance.
-Was it scary? The previews seemed a little scary and Mia gets freaked out so easily that we haven’t tried it yet! I want to see it though!
-Please tell me how you think they did with it – Tim Burton tends to be a little, well, quasi-scary.

Payson was in the picture but didn’t actually watch the movie. I think it’s way too scary for a toddler! As for the girls, it was a little scary for Sierra but she did fine and really loves it. Brooklyn didn’t seem scared at all. It is a VERY weird movie. We all love that, though!

Does it bug you to hear about other people “finally” getting to enjoy doing outside things now that it’s summer?
Not at all! We enjoyed months and months of great weather, it’s only fair that we suffer for some of the time. lol

Last summer our Costco had TONS of organics, this year so far they have about NONE in the refrigerated/produce areas! 🙁 So anyone that’s looking to buy a membership…check your local store first! It seems to vary VERY greatly.
Good to know, I had no idea it varied so much from store to store or year to year.

What a fun craft activity!!! Which book do you like must for craft ideas?
My favorite for activities are the superbooks by mailbox magazine. I like most idea books, though, I’ve never purchased one I didn’t like!

are you worried that Ember Anya is like

Amber Enya…just transposed?
Haha, no.

Just a thought – The other girls start with ‘B’ – don’t you think she might feel ‘odd man out’ without her’s starting with ‘B’?
Brooklyn’s the only one in our family with a B name.

I have to make the decision if we should homeschool soon, as in 3 months soon. I’ve been dragging my feet…and was so happy to see this post.
Any advice on someone who’s so torn on the subject? My eldest loves being with her peers, which makes it even more diffucult. I never dreamt that you had a hard time being with your kids all the time, and I’m so glad to read that! Makes me feel not so bad!

I don’t have advice because it’s really SO personal!

Do you attend any co-op programs or are you involved with any support groups? If not now, do you see yourself doing this down the road?
We don’t yet but I’m hoping to join a few things this fall. Not necessarily homeschool groups but I definitely want to put the girls into sports or clubs. We’re leaning towards soccer and 4-H right now for Brooklyn and either ballet or gymnastics for Sierra.

You will have to let me know if this continues to be a hit. I plan on getting Graham a train table/tracks for either his bday (in October) or Christmas this year.
We glued houston’s down and they eventually come up if pulled hard enough 😛 So be prepared. What type of glue did you use, one particular brand we used worked lots better than the other.

I hot glued the tracks down and there is really no way they’re ever coming up! I glued one down slightly out of place and had to use a thick knife to jar it up and even then it took some muscle!

ive never tried stitching on what you have there, but it looks great. she has practiced on a white cloth napkin and such.
so you draw a picture, put it into the wooden thing and they sew along that? how need and easier for little hands!

Yep! The girls drew the picture directly onto some linen and sewed the outline. I need to take some pictures of their recent projects.

Tasty Homeschool – Pizza Fun!!

We did a few pizza themed activities today during school time. We’re huge pizza lovers in this family!

I had the girls make some pizzas with paper, glue, buttons, yarn, and foam. I was finishing up a couple of the other games while they did that.

The first game they played was this felt pizza game. It’s super simple and they had a LOT of fun playing with it. All you do is roll the dice and then place whichever topping coordinates with that number onto your pizza.

I didn’t get a picture of the front of the folders the pizzas are glued into but I told the girls to name their pizza parlors and Brooklyn chose Barro’s Pizza and Sierra chose Little 4 Pizza.

The girls colored some paper pizzas and then I laminated them and cut them into pieces to help teach fractions. The girls really love learning about fractions!

The next game was also super simple and the girls had a blast playing it. And they shared so nicely! So unlike them! lol
All I did was take a clean to-go pizza box (thanks Barro’s!) and then I cut out a bunch of pizza toppings from a cardboard box and then painted them. The girls stood at a line on the floor and tried to toss the toppings into the box.

The last pizza themed activity we did was make these pizza slice shaped books. I was going to have the girls write a story about our trip to the pizza parlor but we’d already done writing earlier in the day so instead I let them write their spelling words in there.

Both my girls absolutely LOVE spelling. Funny because I loved it as a child, too!

We didn’t do all of these activities in one chunk of time, they were kind of spread out throughout the day between other school stuff and errands. Part of the time (like during craft time) Payson was taking a nap, the rest of the time he was awake he joined the girls at the table and colored…

And as usual was acting like a total clown!

He gets the biggest kick out of being with his sisters as they do school and having access to all the things they’re doing. Every single time I tell him to come over and color or paint or whatever he has the biggest grin as he climbs up on his chair!

Oh yeah, around lunchtime we went to Barro’s pizza because that just seemed to fit so nicely with the rest of the day! lol
And if you’re wondering, Payson most definitely had pizza as well. His gluten-free pizza took a few more minutes to cook! He ate a couple of my pepperoni pieces as well as a gluten-free chocolate granola bar while he waited. So despite how it looks in the picture the boy was well fed 😉


I wore my favorite shoes today. Sierra picked them out! I passed right by them at JCPenney during that crazy long shopping trip in April but Sierra saw them and loved them!

Self portraits are freaking hard to do. A couple of you mentioned a wireless remote… I used to have one (in 2006) and loved it, I really should get another one!
Can you see how scrunched and baggy my jeans are? Yikes! I should probably not wear them until this giant belly is a bit giant-er.

Today after I did my makeup I turned around to see both girls wearing my heels. They wore them all around the house while I got the diaper bag ready to go.

The second the girls took the heels off to change into their shoes Payson sprinted over and had his shoes off in two seconds and was trotting around in the heels as happy as can be! I didn’t get a picture because I was doing the girls’ hair but it was funny.


Sierra and Payson were coloring together on their bellies on the floor which was super cute so I ran for my camera. When I came back they were like this…

And then Sierra asked Payson for kisses.

So freaking cute!