Why Do You Want to Kill Yourself?

This is why I bought baby gates. This is why Payson is not allowed in the kitchen unless he’s buckled into his highchair.
Any time I let him in the kitchen area (usually when all of us are playing in the family room) he climbs onto the chairs. I tell him no and put him on the ground every time but he still tries and tries and tries. This is why I typically lock him out of that area! Ugh! He falls at least half the time, which is luckily not very often because he’s locked out.

Children can be so darn stupid! 😛

Oh and the only reason I finally took a picture of it was because I was taking a picture of a homeschool game we were playing and he climbed up there while I still had my camera in hand. I’d never take even a few seconds to get my camera to photograph this!

And lastly, do you see his expression? No matter what I say to him or even if he gets a timeout for climbing up there he thinks he’s so cool for getting up there!

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