Funny About Public Restrooms

Sierra doesn’t like public restrooms much. I can totally relate, I get really moody when one of my kids calls out, “I have to pee!” while shopping. They’re just gross, gross, gross.

Sierra hates the sound the toilet makes when it flushes. She covers her ears every time. She also hates how hot the water in the sinks gets. I don’t think it gets very hot, personally, but anything above room temperature is scorching for sensitive Sierra. She will try several sinks before she finds just the right one.

And paper towels, she can’t figure out almost all paper towel dispensers. And hand dryers or whatever they’re called… oh boy does she hate those!

Total weirdo in the public restroom, that’s my Sierra.

2 thoughts on “Funny About Public Restrooms

  • While Talon also covers his ears when a public toilet flushes, he is OBSESSED with public restrooms. He has to go potty EVERY. SINGLE. PLACE. we go. I think he wants to check out every potty. It's like part of the adventure. Every restaurant, every store, every park, even if we've been to that store's potty before.

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