Daddy Comes up with the Funnest Games

Allan is so good at playing with the kids. He comes up with so many fun ideas and adventures. One time he set up the girls’ play houses to look like a mountain (covered in blankets) and the mountain lead up to the top of the closet where one of their toys was held captive in a cage made from one of Payson’s toys. The rest of their toys had to go on a long journey up the mountain and fight an evil witch to save their friend.
They had such a blast playing that game.

Today while I was finishing up this week’s school unit in the living room, Allan was making this house with the girls in the formal-dining-room-turned-play room.

The girls played with it for such a long time and cried when it was time for bed. The only thing that made it better was when Allan told them he’d help them remake it tomorrow.

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