Super Soaked!

We are a bunch of prunes right now. We spent most of the day in water out in the blazing sun. The water tricked us into forgetting it was 104+ out which is a very, very blissful thing indeed!

We went to the pool for the first time in, oh, 3 years! Payson’s never been at all and oh boy oh boy was he in love! He splashed and kicked and jumped and grinned the whole time! Total water baby, that one!

The boy is crazy in love with the girls’ flip flops. Maybe I should get him some of his own.

As if the pool wasn’t fun enough we set up our new ($5!!) slip n slide when we got home.

All three kids did their best to slide down but Brooklyn was the only one who eventually figured it out.

She loves that thing!

And these two do, too!
(Yes he was in a diaper, don’t ask me why! Well ok, I’ll tell you, I was too lazy to get another swim diaper and too cheap to use another swim diaper!)

I made another video today… I’m impressed with myself for keeping up with this new project! As well as the picture a day of the kids and me.

Darn that pantless Seece!

I figured since I’m making these videos I might as well post them so here is today’s!

*Brooklyn was on timeout because when it was time to go in (despite having 10, 5 and then 3 minute warnings beforehand) she screamed NO to me and ran off. And yes she screams that loud every time she gets a timeout. And for about five or ten and sometimes even twenty minutes straight. Timeout doesn’t start until she is calm!

Or she slams her door and screams that she hates me. Like that will cause me to run to her room and tell her, “Oh you hate me? I didn’t realize a timeout would make you hate me! I’m SO sorry, here come out of timeout. And hey would you like some cake? Or to watch a movie? Maybe we’ll go to a carnival! You know, I just can’t stand for you to hate me!”

3 thoughts on “Super Soaked!

  • I giggle a little to myself every time my kids say that, then I sharply retort, “well, good, the that just means I'm doing my job right!”. Stops them dead in their tracks every time!

  • I really am loving your videos! It's so fun… I really may have to do this! Not everyday but maybe occasionally. This is pretty much how we have been spending our summer. I mean we have to in Arizona right? My son got that slip n slide for his birthday and the last time we used it it got broken. I thought they were more expensive too but when I saw it at walmart for $5 I grabbed another one too. We just haven't opened it up yet.

  • Your last paragraph has me laughing. I need to be more like you and take the kids anger at me in stride. I let it affect me too much, I think. Looks like a fun day!

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