Dancing in Public

Isn’t it funny how as a kid you can dance in public without a thought in the world to those around you watching? I had a hard time not bursting out laughing during storytime today when the kids would get really into the songs and finger plays and stories.

They got some stickers and Sierra immediately stuck hers on her face and arms and wore them like this for the rest of the time we were out.

One thought on “Dancing in Public

  • i love how they're dressed alike! it reminds me of when jacque & i were dressed alike as kids. if we weren't matching in color, then the style was the same! you are such a great mom to do so many fun things with your kids. you are so active for being pregnant! i love you so much. have a great P.M. oh yeah, i got a job! i go tomorrow to get details. YAY!!!

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