It Was Good and Now We’re Home

Since we just went to the movies Saturday with Allan I wasn’t exactly in the mood to go again today. But we went anyway because the other option was to stay home and annoy each other.
The movie was the second Alvin and the Chipmunks. I was expecting to hate the movie since I hated the first Alvin and the Chipmunks but it wasn’t bad, thank goodness.

After the movie we made a quick stop at Target for some shoes for this chocolate-faced child:

And I got some new mascara and took this picture:

We came home and I let the kids watch a movie while we ate lunch and since then we’ve all been playing in the formal-dining-room-turned-play room.
It’s 3 and I’m so ready for bed. Like, really truly ready for bed. Too bad the kids won’t even start thinking about sleep for 4 hours!

Oh and this is the third video I’m posting in three days which seems crazy excessive to me. Allan and I made a goal to make a video every day this month and I think I’m actually going to keep up with it! I don’t think I’ll post any of them, though, because they are pretty long and probably aren’t very interesting to most of you.

Youtube quality is pretty crappy without upgrading so you can’t even see that cut on my nose that Payson gave me that I was talking about. It looks like a giant popped zit, though.

Oh and for those who asked I use windows movie maker to edit my videos. I think it came with our computer when we bought it and it’s super easy to use.

4 thoughts on “It Was Good and Now We’re Home

  • I think y'alls 30 days of recording video's is a great idea. WOW 93 degrees at 9 am Ouch!! I don't miss that at all I grew up in Texas so I remember hot mornings and days to well.

    I love the clip at the movie theater. I feel the same way when I carry our 2 year old like my arms going to fall off. That and Sierra's toe walking is too cute glad it doesn't hurt her feet. Glad to see that y'all weren't already seated when y'all had to go back to get the straws.

    As for your battle wound I get so many of those myself having a 2 year old son. Never hardly ever got them with Ashllie.

    Oh and thank you for letting us know what movie marker editor you use.

  • I enjoy your videos! I would post mine too but they seem really boring to me LOL I am usually without pant all morning. Its just too dang hot.

  • missing you more thx to these videos, BUT don't stop sending them! you do sooo much for being pregnant in az. makes me feel kinda lazy. got a long to do list but thx for sharfing your days with us in blogland. g'ma d misses her az. grandbabies!! plz give them hugs and kisses from me! 😀

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