Tasty Homeschool – Pizza Fun!!

We did a few pizza themed activities today during school time. We’re huge pizza lovers in this family!

I had the girls make some pizzas with paper, glue, buttons, yarn, and foam. I was finishing up a couple of the other games while they did that.

The first game they played was this felt pizza game. It’s super simple and they had a LOT of fun playing with it. All you do is roll the dice and then place whichever topping coordinates with that number onto your pizza.

I didn’t get a picture of the front of the folders the pizzas are glued into but I told the girls to name their pizza parlors and Brooklyn chose Barro’s Pizza and Sierra chose Little 4 Pizza.

The girls colored some paper pizzas and then I laminated them and cut them into pieces to help teach fractions. The girls really love learning about fractions!

The next game was also super simple and the girls had a blast playing it. And they shared so nicely! So unlike them! lol
All I did was take a clean to-go pizza box (thanks Barro’s!) and then I cut out a bunch of pizza toppings from a cardboard box and then painted them. The girls stood at a line on the floor and tried to toss the toppings into the box.

The last pizza themed activity we did was make these pizza slice shaped books. I was going to have the girls write a story about our trip to the pizza parlor but we’d already done writing earlier in the day so instead I let them write their spelling words in there.

Both my girls absolutely LOVE spelling. Funny because I loved it as a child, too!

We didn’t do all of these activities in one chunk of time, they were kind of spread out throughout the day between other school stuff and errands. Part of the time (like during craft time) Payson was taking a nap, the rest of the time he was awake he joined the girls at the table and colored…

And as usual was acting like a total clown!

He gets the biggest kick out of being with his sisters as they do school and having access to all the things they’re doing. Every single time I tell him to come over and color or paint or whatever he has the biggest grin as he climbs up on his chair!

Oh yeah, around lunchtime we went to Barro’s pizza because that just seemed to fit so nicely with the rest of the day! lol
And if you’re wondering, Payson most definitely had pizza as well. His gluten-free pizza took a few more minutes to cook! He ate a couple of my pepperoni pieces as well as a gluten-free chocolate granola bar while he waited. So despite how it looks in the picture the boy was well fed 😉

7 thoughts on “Tasty Homeschool – Pizza Fun!!

  • I love the few themes you have shared lately! Looks like the kiddos enjoy it and I am sure it makes learning all the more fun 🙂

    Do you mind if I ask how long does it take to prepare these units?

  • Too Cool!!! You are just so creative! My kids would so LOVE this! I need to work on some of these this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  • Payson is so cute! I love all of his facial expressions.
    I love seeing what you do for home school. Your so creative! These activities are great. I'm going to have to try and use them too! Thanks.

  • You always have the cutest ideas for these kids. I love it! And how cool that your pizza place makes gluten free pizza. That's awesome.

  • Hi Ariana!

    I posted a comment on Jordan's blog about your interview, but I wanted to pop in here to let you know that I've enjoyed exploring your blog! I am planning to home school my 5-year old beginning this fall (at least for kindergarten), and I love reading about all the great things you're doing with your kids. Learning looks like a lot of fun at your house! Thanks for being willing to share so many great ideas.

    Your kids are sweet, and Payson really does have the best facial expressions!


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